Saturday, January 28, 2012

January 23, 2012

Dear Family,

Time sure has slowed down in January, you're right...  But the thing is that I have been in Gainesville for almost an entire transfer.  I'm guessing that Elder Vilorio will be leaving next Wednesday, but I hope not!  We are doing really well together & getting up every morning at 6:15 to go running.  It's nice having a companion to push me to do a little bit better than I would otherwise.  

Gainesville is still beautiful, but it doesn't feel like a whole lot happened this week.  Elena and Stephanie both told us they weren't ready.  Elena I can understand, but I feel like Stephanie is just afraid of the commitment involved with baptism.  I don't know if we need to be teaching with whipped cream and a cherry on top or what, but it just feels at times like you have to bribe people to live the gospel...  Elena is still reading in the Book of Mormon and she really seems to be doing all that she can to get some sort of answer.  I know that she will be answered if we are all patient and wait upon the Lord.  

We met a lot of Mexicans this week that apparently all work for the same company and move all around the United States together.  The funny thing is that the last places they lived in were Idaho Falls and Brigham City.  They seem to all have spoken to missionaries before, but they're all still pretty set on Catholicism.  I don't know that they can read, but that won't stop us from trying to help them!  

That was the most horrifying story I have ever read in my life about Molly.  I can't believe how terrible that is.  She's ok now, right?  I didn't really want to keep reading because I thought that you were going to tell me that she got killed or something.  Tell Dad to give her a Priesthood Blessing haha.  That is so funny that Sophie wanted to Skype with Molly and Lucy.  She's starting to sound like a little 2 year old girl!

I am so proud of Hannah for standing up and saying that in class.  Do everything you can to get him baptized!  If he reads the Book of Mormon he'll want to be.  You should talk to the missionaries about him and ask them about how you can help to convert that man.  He sounds elect as can be!  I am also proud of Russell for deciding to serve a mission.  I read his talk that Dad sent to me.  He is such an interesting person.  I didn't even know he knew anything about trucks.  I'm glad that he's excited because he is going to learn more on a mission than anywhere else in his entire life.  

I love you a lot and I'm so happy to hear from you.  Have a wonderful week!  



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