Thursday, April 17, 2014

Eric is Home! March 31, 2014

Elder Eric Moore has returned from his mission!!  Called to Serve in the Mexico, Cuernavaca Mission, then changed to the Florida Jacksonville Mission which later split to form the Georgia Macon Mission where he finished up strong!  It was a thrill for us to have him return, but it was definitely bitter-sweet for him!

On the way to the mission home!

This picture kind of says it all....loves us, but so hard to leave the mission!

Sweet reuinion at DIA!

Last picture as Elder Moore

We are so happy to have him home!

Several friends came to help us welcome him back!

Eric, Myles and Russell

Eric with friends, Sarah, Chelsey, and Megan

 Eric was a great missionary and served a great mission.  Now he is on to the next phase in his life and prepared to continue to serve the Lord throughout his life.  "Well done Thou good and faithful servant!"

Friday, March 28, 2014


Dulce Familia Mia,

I can't believe this is it!  I thought that the last couple weeks would have lasted forever..  I guess I can't say that this last one won't, but I doubt it will because it's looking like it'll be a pretty good one!!  I'll just start off by saying that we have dinner appointments every day of the week and the White family is having us over on Saturday so that I can burn an old suit we have in our apartment.  I've never really followed the tradition of burning a tie, shirt or pants, but everyone really wants me to burn a suit, so it's gonna happen ha.  We have been meeting a bunch of people as always and have a lot of appointments set up.  Unfortunately, we don't have anybody on date, but I'm not saying that it's not possible because God is still a God of miracles!  Anything could happen.  
We were able to teach a lady named Lorena again this week.  She told us that she'd read the whole Book of Mormon when she does get the time to sit down and read it.  It amazes me how people that read just understand things better.  It's not like I'm talking about people that can read either, I mean the people that choose to read.  Ha 

We have a couple of appointments set up this week with the Carters and the Herreras.  It just feels like there's so much more to be done than can be in a week.  I guess that's why the Lord sends more missionaries in to take over after we leave.  

We have been treated so well by the members here!  The McDowells took us out to pizza on Thursday and Brigham fed us a big plate of steak one day.  We ate at the Araujo's for Giovanna's birthday!  We have also been going to see Diana's friends with her.  It's been really fun and nice having people so willing to work with us.  I swear, any member of the church I've met in Pearson would do anything for the missionaries.  It's gonna be too bad to go back to normal life for that reason!  

Elder Allen and I want to make this the best week of our missions.  We'll be sure to do nothing less than the best so I have some awesome, fresh stories to tell you when I'm back there in COLORADO!  I love you SO MUCH!!!  Sorry, I don't really have a ton more to say for some reason, so I'll just end it with something intensely spiritual!  

I've told so many people this lately, but it's true!  If nothing else, I'm BEYOND grateful for the change that this mission has made on me!  I feel like this is who I am.  I love sharing the gospel and I want to keep the commandments.  Life isn't like what it was before.  I know that change came because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  The Lord knows exactly what I've needed to learn and I'm incredibly happy for every last thing - good and bad - that has happened on my mission.  I wouldn't even call the bad things bad because they always turn out good in the end anyway.  I love you for your love and support and prayers and I love the people I have been able to serve in Florida, South Carolina and Georgia!  The Book of Mormon is true.  It's undeniable evidence that the Restoration really did happen.  I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet.  God loves all of His children!!  He wants them to return to live with him!  We should always choose to give him the benefit of the doubt when we pass through trials.  He knows better.  I can finish my mission saying that it was better than I could have ever imagined.  3 missions, 3 years!!  

 Elder Moore
Some pictures from a great week:
 Me and my girl, Maria

 Elder Allen and Sister McGowan.  She told Elder Hillier to go away because he made her feel short haha

 Giovanna and Mariana Araujo

Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

Dear Familia mia,

Boston, MA, eh?  I have been thinking a lot about you two lately because of your call.  I got to watch part of it at Chad & Judith's on her phone over Facebook.  I'm SO happy for you!!  You know what it feels like now to open a mission call!!  We read the senior couple part of the white handbook today and it talks about how many of the Elders and Sisters in your mission look to you for a good example.  It also talks about how you should make as much an effort as possible to find, teach and baptize on top of your other responsibilities!  I hope you knock down prison walls with your faith like Alma and Amulek.
It's been a tough week because I got sick on Wednesday and it was pretty bad, but I haven't let it get us down too much.  We have several people that could still be baptized before the end of my mission.  We're just trying to keep working hard even though it's definitely the end for me.  It's weird because there's always a feeling of wanting to let up right before transfers end, but this one's obviously different.  I'm still convinced that these last two weeks can be the most fruitful of my whole mission.  I'm convinced that part of that will come from me teaching Elder Allen to work as hard as he can.  He's going to bless the lives of SO many people during the rest of his mission.  I've said it before and I'm gonna say it again.  I'm blessed to be his companion!  We're going to do all we can to baptize before the end.  Missionaries think in terms of months or transfers, so when I'm saying pray for three I mean three this transfer.  

We have been teaching Lesly's parents and sister for mostly just this week.  Lesly is still incredibly solid.  We asked her mom if she had read from the Book of Mormon and she said no, but then we asked Lesly and she just shook her head yes and told us that her cousin's been reading to her on the bus on the way to school.  SO cool.  She'd make a great little missionary someday.  

I don't know if you heard already, but I'm planning on spending Friday before General Conference with David Huckvale in Provo before going to the mission reunion.  I hope that you can meet President and Sister Barry.  You'd love them.  

I guess I'll be praying that Colorado doesn't get too much water this year haha.  That's a new one.  It seems to be either way too much or way too little.  

I can't believe this is the second to last e-mail I'll write you as a full time missionary.  It's a bittersweet feeling as I'm sure you know having so many kids serving before.  Miserable joy in the words of Charlotte's mom, right??  Love you!

Elder Moore

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March 10, 2014

Querida Familia,

What an amazing week!  I feel like the power from your prayers has been really motivating Elder Allen and me.  I wish I could tell you in person all about Lesly's baptism!  I wish that you could have been there.  It was so sweet.  The day before the baptism she was interviewed and found ready and we asked her who wanted to baptize her.  She said she wanted Elder Allen to baptize and me to confirm.  I can't lie, I was a little bit sad to think it could have been the last chance I would have to baptize someone as a full time missionary, but that doubt and sadness was taken away almost immediately and replaced with being SO excited for Elder Allen to baptize someone for the first time in his life!  We decided that night that there were a lot of people that we could have baptized in the next three weeks as well anyway.  I'm excited that things are working out the way they are because it's really making me want to stay sure that I'm working as hard as possible!  
We did the baptism a little bit differently than ever before, we had all the talks before and then a little testimony meeting after the actual ordinance.  We invited Lesly to tell everyone how she felt after her baptism and all she said was, "I feel happy about my baptism."  It was so sincere haha.  We DID get a couple of referrals out of the service.  We started talking to her older Sister, Jessica.  I'm not one hundred percent sure if we'll be able to baptize her in three weeks, but after talking to her it's pretty easy to see that she's going to love the restored gospel.  

We spent a lot of time preparing for the service and I just really think that it payed off.  Lesly invited a bunch of her friends and family and Olivia came and loved it.  I hope that it gave her strength to talk to her family about being baptized.  We taught her the Plan of Salvation this week and she opened up a lot about why she's not already baptized and most of it just comes down to her not feeling ready to tell her parents and grandpa.  They're really strong baptists, so she doesn't want them upset.  I'm hoping that when she does tell them that they react in a loving and understanding way...  We promised her that no matter what they said though that God wouldn't ruin her life for making the decision to do what she believes is right.  She worries a lot about not being with her family in the Celestial Kingdom.  I'm not really even sure how to answer that, but we just assure her that God loves her and will make her happy in the end.  If family is really what makes us happiest, could someone really believe that God would take that away from them as long as they themselves are faithful?  Complicated.  I'm just grateful that God can comprehend all things because I for sure can't. 

The Carters didn't come to church this week because Dale had to work.  We didn't even get to see them because it was raining all week and we usually teach them and talk to them outside..  Hope they're doing good and they don't ever forget what they felt in church that day.  Pray for all of everyone!!  

I'm excited about all of the things you said we're going to do when we get back, but it's not even making me trunky.  I've reach the point I thought I'd never come to - I wish I could stay out here longer.  Haha but I'm still excited to see you guys.  Pray for THREE!!  It's going to happen :)  

Love ya'll,

Elder Moore

 Lesly's baptism day!

 These are pictures of returned missionaries from Elder Moore's mission who met Charlotte at the St. George Temple Visitor Center and sent him the pictures.  She's a pretty adorable sister missionary!

Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

Dear familia,

I'm so happy that everything went well at the funeral!  That's so good to hear that it was a beautiful service.  I never doubted for a moment that it was going to be anything less that amazing.  Sorry you haven't received your call yet.  TRUST ME, I know how frustrating waiting for that can be!!  

Can you believe it?  It's MARCH!  I will have served TWO YEARS by Wednesday.  IT's amazing how long it's been but how short it's felt.  Yesterday, we had a wonderful experience in sacrament meeting.  I'll have to tell you a little bit of background info leading up to it though to let you feel how special it really was.

We've been visiting with Sister Carter and her daughter since my first transfer in Pearson and since the first time, they have wanted to come, but haven't been able to get to church because their house is in a little city about 30 minutes from the church and they don't drive.  The only other option that we have been able to think is her husband, Dale, but he's firmly devoted to the church they attend regularly.  We've been going out there and have started to get to know Dale a little bit better and it all led up to Saturday.  We asked him how he felt about coming up to Pearson on Sunday morning for church and he told us that he didn't really want to go, but then we asked him what about for Sister Carter and Marlena and he agreed to take them!!  

So anyway, we were sitting in church and service started and about a minute later, there Sister Carter and Marlena and her kids were!  It was SO good to see them in church.  Unfortunately, we had to leave the chapel to go and translate out in the foyer, but then during fast and testimony meeting Sister Carter got up and bore a powerful testimony.  Everyone in the church felt that!  She told the story about us going over there and then said, "Even though it's been hard and I haven't been able to come to church, I'm proud to say that I've made it.  I haven't been to church for ten years, but I still know that it is true!"  About a million people talked to her after and thanked her and welcomed her.  We couldn't have asked for anything more amazing to happen!  It seems like Dale is really starting to like us more and more.  I'm hoping he opens up and comes in next time they come to church.  

Lesly didn't make it to church this week because of a miscommunication.  (It amazes me that people used to get by without cell phones.)  She's still planning on being baptized this week though.  Friday, March 7, 2014 in Pearson.  Be there or be square :)  Seriously though, pray for her!!  We made her invitations at Walmart to hand out to her friends and family.  It's going to be an amazing service, I already can tell.  I had a dream last night that we filled up the chapel with people supporting her.  We'll hopefully be able to find a lot more people to teach through this service!  I'll let you know how it goes the following Monday.  

Sorry to say, but I don't think that Uncle Keith and Aunt Kathy could visit me...  They probably live in the Georgia Macon Mission boundaries though, don't they?  Augusta's in our mission.  Seems like a pretty area.  

Elder Dearing is still here.  He's training an Elder from Sacramento, CA named Elder Hillier.  He told me this week that before coming out, he had looked at my blog and read over some of my e-mails!  I guess you could say that's "pretty cool!"  Elder Munford moved up to Ridgeland, SC.  If you ever get to talk to Heather Ingram, tell him to treat that Elder extra special.  He's the funniest person once he opens up.  

I have been so blessed to be companions with Elder Allen.  He and I have been having a little bit of a struggle without a car since last Monday, but we'll be getting it back pretty soon hopefully!  According to the shop guy, we should have it by Wednesday assuming they don't find more problems!  

Elder Allen and I both bore our testimonies yesterday.  I was stressed because I didn't really know what to do because of the translation, so I just had to put it down and go into the chapel.  It was cool because then Judith Merrell told me that she got up and was prompted to bear her testimony in Spanish without me even saying anything, so that worked out perfectly!  I bore my testimony for the last time on my mission in fast and testimony meeting.  I didn't expect it, but I teared up a lot.  I haven't been so nervous in my life to bear a testimony.  

I know that the church is true.  More than anything, I'm grateful for the change that a mission has made in my own life, and I hope that I have inspired similar change in others.  I know that the restoration of the gospel came to us through the prophet Joseph Smith.  I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and knows us perfectly.  I know that his promises are always there for those that obey his commandments and strive to live the gospel.  It's true, what else do I need to say? 


Elder Moore
Lesly with Santa Claus

Giovanna, Lesly, and Natalia

Beautiful Sunset in Pearson, Georgia

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February 24, 2014

Querida Familia,

It looks like you had a lot of fun in California.  I was wondering where that picture was taken when Judith showed it to us on Friday.  That dinner was way good that she made, like they always are.  The cornbread salad was good too, I'm excited to make it for ya'll.  

That's too bad to hear about Patriarch Brown.  Seems like it was a pretty peaceful experience for them.  I'm happy to hear that Sister Brown sounds good too.  I'm sure it's still hard for her.  I'll be praying for you two for Saturday!  

That's so exciting about Ryan and Ali as well!  You should tell them congratulations from me and that I hope I get to babysit their new baby sometime like I did with Sadie!  That's a priceless smile she's got there.

This week we met a man named Kiel that isn't a member of the church, but the rest of his family is.  He told us that he wants to be baptized, but we might need to wait a little while for that to happen.  Anyway, he took us out to the swamp on their property the other day to try to show us some alligators, but unfortunately we didn't see much.  There was a fish swimming down the path we were driving on though..  His family also gave us the best cupcakes I've ever eaten.  They got them from a cupcake bakery in Valdosta.  

That's Kiel's son, Kielex (I don't know if that's how you spell it..)  

We also got to go over and do some service for the Carters this week.  He's been doing pretty good.  He says he's been trying to quit smoking for the past month, and that's about the same time that we've been over there visiting him.  We watched the Prophet of the Restoration with Olivia this week and we taught Lesly the Plan of Salvation yesterday after church.  That was a lot of fun!  We played Plan of Salvation Pictionary with her after.  Way too easy, but she learned all about premortal life, our earth life, death, resurrection, the spirit world and the degrees of glory.  She was going to get baptized this weekend, but we moved it to next Saturday so that more people plan on coming.  I'll have to get a picture of her!  

Elder Munford left us this week..  The house hasn't been as fun as it was when he was here.  Good and bad, I'd say haha.  

Here's a picture of the four of us posing like we're a bunch of models.  Haha.  The funny thing is that it wasn't planned, as you can tell from Elder Dearing in the back there.  

I can't believe how fast that week went by..  It'd be fun to see a bunch of people at the airport when I get home, but I'll be fine if you and dad just want to come..  If you do end up inviting other people, you should definitely include those people and Nick Jones.  I think it'd be awesome to do a fireside with Jordyn as well.  You can tell them I'd be OK with doing that!  

I love you a lot!  Hope you have a wonderful week.  Look!  Blossoms in Georgia!

Elder Moore

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 17, 2014

Querida familia,


Soo...  The verdict is........  I'M STAYING WITH ELDER ALLEN TO THE END!!!!!!  We both had a couple of the worst days ever on Friday and Saturday anticipating the transfer phone call on Saturday night.  We were pretty convinced he was going to be leaving Pearson and neither of us wanted it.  We waited for the names to be read and when his wasn't, we just screamed and ran at each other and hugged so hard I almost broke my back haha.  It was the most excited I had been in a long time!  On Friday night, we were both feeling pretty rotten and couldn't sleep, so Elder Allen asked me to say a prayer for us, so I did and then we sat down next to my bed in the dark and just talked until like 2:00 in the morning.  It was the best conversation.  I honestly was pretty convinced we'd be staying together after that night.  We decided then that we are going to do all we can to make this the best transfer of our missions.

This week, we didn't really have a ton of appointments.  We had a lot set up, but most of them fell through.  We were able to teach Lesly a couple of times and she has been doing awesome.  She came to church again this week with her cousin.  Her cousin's name is Diana Araujo.  I just wanted to let you know that she is amazing!  We call them every Sunday morning to wake up the family to church and she comes every week, even this week when she was up until 2:00 Saturday night because her baby was sick.  But anyway, Lesly came and I was a little bit worried that she would be uncomfortable alone because her other cousin didn't come, but she ran off to primary by herself without saying a word!  She loves church!

We didn't get to teach Olivia this week because we went down to Valdosta on Wednesday night for a baptismal interview.  We'll be teaching her over at the McDowell's this week again on Wednesday night.  She's awesome too.  I talked to an Elder in Valdosta that's going home today.  He said that he'd be going to the St. George Visitors' Center Tuesday morning to study and go to the temple.  So, naturally I told him to take a picture with Charlotte and send it to me haha.  He's from St. George and from what it seems his family's all really close to the Sisters at the visitors' center or something.  I guess we have at least one thing in common :)  

So, we're planning on baptizing at least 3 people and having at least twenty Hispanic people come to church before the transfer is up.  I don't really know that I have much more to say about this week, but we're going to be seeing lots of miracles in the coming weeks, so be prepared for some good news the next six weeks!  I'm only slighty trunky..  Haha.  WAIT!  I'll tell you this - last night some members wanted to say goodbye to one of the Elders that's leaving us in Pearson and they showed us a video of the Brother's homecoming from his mission.  Now, THAT was a trunky moment.  

I'll be praying for you and also for the Browns!   I'll be forever grateful for the wonderful Patriarchal blessing he gave me.  Give them a hug for me!  I don't know if I ever told you, but while I was in Beaufort I sent him a thank you note for giving me my patriarchal blessing because one of the members told me that was his favorite part about being a patriarch - when people would thank him for being worthy and inspired to give blessings.  I love you a lot!  

I can't wait to see you on March 31st!  Love you!


 This is Elder Allen, Jonathon McDowell and me.  (Elder Moore - your son)

 This is Elder Munford with the White family.

 This is Diana Araujo and her daugher, Mariana.  Aka cutest baby in the GMM.

Elder Moore

Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014

Linda Familllllia!  

It's been an eventful week!  We started off on Monday talking to the Araujo's cousins, Lesly and Alex.  It was a lot of fun!  I thought you would appreciate hearing that we showed them how to have an FHE and at the end we ate cake and played BUCKLE BUCKLE BEANSTALK!  Haha.  They all loved it!  We went back later that week to teach them again and they wanted to play again because they had so much fun last time.  It was like being at home again!  We set Lesly up that night to be baptized on the first of March and she was very excited about it.  We stopped by one last time on Saturday before church on Sunday and told her to just ask her cousins for a ride to church even if Alex couldn't drive her and she did it!  Sadly, Alex had something else going on, so she didn't come yesterday, but Lesly was there and told us that she had a lot of fun in Primary with Giovana, her cousin.  
We haven't been able to meet with Olivia all week because her great uncle was passing away so everyone was spending their free time with him in the hospital.  He passed away Saturday at about 2:30 in the morning and the funeral is today.  We were able to go to the viewing last night to meet a lot of the family.  Mormon funerals are so cool!  Not saying everyone there was Mormon, but a lot of them...  There wasn't too much mourning or sadness, everyone was just enjoying being with their family.  That's the way they should always be!  

On Wednesday we went over to talk to a less active member, Laura, and her husband, Dale.  We had the longest lesson of my mission, but we invited him to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it of course and he agreed.  We talked to him about what the voice of the Lord feels like and read 3 Ne 11:3 without knowing that's the scripture that converted Laura to the gospel many years ago.  She has told us a lot about how much she wants to come back to church, but she lives about 25 minutes from it and she doesn't have a ride...  We're hoping to be able to get them both coming to church by this week or next!  The lesson itself was actually pretty cool too because he kept pulling out scriptures in a way that we thought were totally just going to be contending against what we were teaching, but they all just pretty much testified that what we were teaching is true.  Thanks Dale!  He's a dry Mormon like most people, he just doesn't realize it yet!  

This week on Friday we also got to do two fun things.  We went over to the Merrells' for their son Ammon's birthday party and watched some investigators of ours cut up a pig!  That was disgusting, but still cool haha.  Between the pig and the party I hit a tiny little deer in our car..  It felt like we hit a big rock or something, so I just slammed on the brakes and we went over to check it out and before I could get a picture, it got up and struggled a little bit and then ran off!  We can just call it animal cruelty day.  I'll send you pictures of the pig before and after.  You probably don't want to see in between :) 

Sorry if you've all been scarred from seeing those pictures!  Haha doesn't the result look delicious though? 

We went to a Catholic baptismal reception full of Latinos and their relatives!  It was a lot of fun talking to people and we got a person's phone number to come teach them..  Is that ok to do at a Catholic party??  It wasn't at or near a church!  Haha.  

Transfers are next week!  Only one more transfer..  Mind blown!!  It's going to go fast, but I'm sure that the Lord has great things in store in these last 6 weeks.  I honestly hope that I can stay companions with Elder Allen.  It's been a huge blessing to be companions with him!!  He's awesome :)  Have a great week!  You both look GREAT in that picture you put in for your application!!  Keep up the good work and the shenanigans, Dad!  I wish I could have been there for your piano solo.  Mom - you're doing a great job at being a missionary!  Keep it up :)  I'm sure that the Lord will bless you as long as you're prayerful and faithful to the end!  A lot of times as a missionary, the most elect person that I find in a day is the very last one at 8:55 at night!  


Elder Moore

(That's the sunset from Friday night when we hit the deer.)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February 3, 2014

What Elder Moore does after he's fed a delicious meal at a member's house.
Dear Family:

Mosiah 5:2 (Scripture Mom asked "who knows the scripture that talks about 'losing all desire for sin'"?)

Miraculous fast Sunday!  I had such a powerful experience yesterday!!  It's not the first time it's happened with fasting, but it still strengthened my faith in the Savior SO much.  I wrote down all the things that Elder Allen and I were fasting for and then prayed I would be able to remember them throughout the day.  I forgot to mention that I was having a pretty awful week and felt "encompassed about by temptation.."  It was just rough, so I fasted for that very thing you just asked about!  One of the things I fasted for was to have no desire to do evil but to do good continually.  Anyway, some of the things I wrote down were that, "Olivia - conversion / get testimony / progression, Adrian - have a softer heart / receive an answer, focus on mission, courage to talk to everyone.."  A couple more too that I can't remember.
I went into the church and from the very beginning of the service to the end I felt blissful and wonderful even though Olivia was the only one at church (Answer #1).  She has SUCH good questions and is just progressing so well.  

We went over to Adrian's after not seeing him for a week and he was outside cleaning off his couch.  He told us he was busy and to come back later.  I can't lie, I thought things weren't going to ever be the same but we went back later that day and he was extremely nice and understanding..  He told us that he didn't even pray to ask about Joseph Smith being a prophet, so sorry to let you down there, but his heart was softened (Answer #2).

We went out later yesterday to see some people and it was just so much easier to talk to everyone that was out and about.  We met a couple of really cool people yesterday just from talking with everyone (Answer #3).  We left the apartment when we just wanted more than anything to collapse in the house and sleep for a week because of fasting and plain old being tired, so we went out to work instead of giving up (Answers #4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and so on haha).  

We ended our fast around 4:30 and I hadn't really realized until I reviewed the list of things we were fasting for that the Lord granted every blessing that we had asked for.  I couldn't make it through the prayer without choking up.  I had felt so empty and the Lord filled my heart with the spirit all at once.  It was almost overwhelming, but it was so wonderful!  I shared what happened with Elder Allen and later that night we set up goals to continue to have spiritual experiences like that one and to be more unified and exactly obedient.  It was an answer to a lot of prayers, probably from you guys and myself.  

So, I guess I'll tell you a little bit more about Olivia!!  She's amazing!!  She's the cousin of the Ward Mission Leader.  We teach her once a week in the McDowell's home and it gets better each time.  I mean, we've only taught her twice, but between visits she had read and prayed.  She asked us questions about Heavenly Mother.  Ha I don't really know how to respond, but that's the beauty of being in a member home.  She told us that she was reading the chapter we left with her and couldn't really understand much of it, but her boyfriend just told her to pray like we had suggested so she did and then could understand it much easier.  She asked us about the baptism of fire and speaking with the tongues of angels..  Again good thing we were with the McDowells because they were able to explain the speaking with the tongues of angels to her.  It explains it in the next chapter..  I felt sheepish for never making that connection on my own!

We're all having a lot of fun and really enjoying being together.  I love Elder Allen so much!  I hope that he finishes me off to be completely honest!  We've come a long way since week one here.  Whatever happens though, I'm sure that it's what the Lord wants.  

I registered for classes on Saturday.  Chem 106, New Testament (part 2), and Weightlifting.  I was recommended to just take Chem 106 and another general or religion class by the Life Sciences department.  It sounded like a good idea to me.  I'm thinking about doing swimming, but I just want it to be outside so I can get tan haha.  I don't think it would be, so I'll just have to stick with a season pass to Seven Peaks and Tyler and Jaimee and the churn.  (That's ebonics for children or kids :))  

You're amazing missionaries!  I told everyone in the ward yesterday that you're serving a mission and testified about "catching the wave" and how you guys are such a huge example to me of how missionary work can be done in SO many different ways!  I'm also amazed at how on fire our family has been for the past 2 to 3 years because of all of these missions.  I completely agree that we should get something that says "In this family, we serve missions."  I'll make it if you're patient enough to wait until I get home!  I think I could make something cool.  :)  

I'm sure you've seen it already, but I just wanted to invite you to watch this again.  I love it so much.  I get teary-eyed in my heart every time I see it.  :')

I also fasted to find a family and we found some more potentials, so I'll keep informed on their progress :)  And I also fasted that you'd make inspired decisions!  I love you so much!  I hope that you have a great week!  Keep up the good work!  Have the family ready earlier than the 23rd :)  You could have two or three families ready by then :)  


Elder Moore

It has scarcely been one year since I announced the lowering of the age of missionary service. Since that time the number of full-time missionaries serving has increased from 58,500 in October 2012 to 80,333 today. What a tremendous and inspiring response we have witnessed!
The holy scriptures contain no proclamation more relevant, no responsibility more binding, no instruction more direct than the injunction given by the resurrected Lord as He appeared in Galilee to the eleven disciples. Said He, “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizingthem in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”2The Prophet Joseph Smith declared, “After all that has been said, the greatest and most important duty is to preach the Gospel.”3 Some of you here today will yet remember the words of President David O. McKay, who phrased the familiar “Every member a missionary!”4
To their words I add my own. Now is the time for members and missionaries to come together, to work together, to labor in the Lord’s vineyard to bring souls unto Him. He has prepared the means for us to share the gospel in a multitude of ways, and He will assist us in our labors if we will act in faith to fulfill His work.

Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

Dear Familia:
I'm just going to say it again, but this week was fast.  Time has been flying by ever since I've gotten to Pearson, it's a little bit freaky honestly.  We were teaching Adrian the other day and I honestly was afraid we were going to lose him.  It was a frustrating lesson at first and we just weren't understanding each other, but I prayed SO HARD to be able to help him and have patience.  It was amazing how things changed just from sitting there listening to him.  We'd invited him a bunch of times before to pray about Joseph Smith and have talked to him several times about the restoration, but this time it felt like he really understood.  He was silent for a lot of the time when we were talking about this being the only true and complete church upon the earth and he absorbed it all!  We talked about how he could know and he said something like, "God's not going to speak to me though.."  We assured him that God would and his countenance just changed.  He kind of gave us an ultimatum stating that he would either receive an answer or stop coming, so we fasted on Saturday night in hopes that by tomorrow he knows it's true.  I've been praying a lot to be able to respond to whatever he tells us though, even if he doesn't feel that he's received an answer.  In the end, everything comes in the Lord's time, even though we hope more than anything that he will know by tomorrow.  Fingers crossed!  We seriously did all we could.  There was so much love in the room before we left.  The attitude just completely changed.  

Yesterday we had Stake Conference, like you somehow already knew...  Does everyone have Stake Conference at the same time?  It was a broadcast from Orlando.  Two Seventies, Sister McConkie and Elder Nelson spoke.  It was amazing!  Sister McConkie talked about how she LOVES the commandments. That seems to be one of the themes of last week.  We also had Zone Conference on Friday and talked about obedience.  President Cottle asked us, "Do you think that President Monson is annoyed by the rules he has to live as prophet?"  Of course he's not!  That would be ridiculous.  As we become more and more converted, our desire to sin completely goes away.  It's amazing how that process is just something gradual, but absolutely true.  There are things I used to want that have become so stupid in my mind because of the power of the Atonement.  I really felt President and Sister Cottle's love more than ever in this meeting.  I had the chance to get up and bear my testimony after being called on randomly.  I just talked about how many blessings we and others around us receive because of us serving missions.  I also stated that I love missionaries, regardless of whoever they are just for making the decision to serve and sacrificing so much to come out here.  
I love you so much!  I hope that you have a wonderful week.  Find, teach, BAPTIZE!  


Elder Moore

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 20, 2014

Picking out "new" old ties at a member's house.

"I think I can do that!"

"I can!"
Dear Family,

This week we were teaching Adrian about the gospel of Jesus Christ and he said something along the lines of, "You really don't need to keep telling me these things, I've already made my decision to be baptized."  I don't get what he's waiting for.  He could be baptized by the end of this week for all I know, he just won't set up for a date, so be praying that he'll stop being stubborn please!  We've set him on a specific date several times, but he never goes through with it, so we're just going to get him interviewed this week hopefully and he'll be in the water soon.  

I don't remember if I told you about the goals we set last week, but we did a lot better than we have been doing talking to as many people as possible.  We met a bunch of cool people, but didn't find many people that really wanted to listen.  Something else I wanted to tell you was that Elder Allen taught all of Gospel Principles yesterday in Spanish!  He did such a good job.  There were a couple of times I wanted to jump in and take over, but I let him do it and the whole class went really well.  The ward mission leader was sitting right behind me and just whispered, "Don't help him!  That's how he'll learn."  Haha.  So I just prayed harder than I have in a while for him to have the gift of tongues.  The whole church service yesterday was just really great.  All of the Spanish members came along with Adrian.  He was saying that he didn't want to stay all three hours because he was bored, but changed his mind after I told him I'd be teaching Elders' quorum.  

This weekend we were planning on going to a quincenera for a member's girlfriend, but we found out that we all have to go to the adult session of Stake Conference, so we were a little bummed about that.  We'll still probably try to make it for at least a little while.  

I studied a lot this week about the Savior and just wanted to end by saying how grateful I am that we don't only have to depend upon the testimony of others to know that He lives and loves us and that the power of the Atonement is real.  I am so grateful for everything that my mission has done for me and would never want it to be any different than it has been.  I love you all so much and I hope that you're able to continue to bless the lives of all those around you wherever you are!  We're all missionaries, whether we're set apart or not.  

Have another wonderful week :)  Love you!


Elder Moore

Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014

Elder Stewart and Elder Moore

Dear Family,

We had some fantastic things happen this week.  We set a couple of goals to move the work forward next week especially.  I've been looking and praying very hard to be able to find what the Lord wants me to do before leaving Pearson and I've had several ideas come into my mind.  We have been teaching a Sunday school class for Adrian in Spanish, but it came to us this week in Correlation meeting that we should just have the class every week for everybody that speaks Spanish.  We went and invited a bunch of people to come to it and we had a good three students this Sunday.  I feel that if we keep that up, it's at least going to give the Spanish-speaking members a chance to learn and invite their friends.  Something simple and obvious, but it works because there are Spanish-speaking Elders in the area for now.  It's awesome that we have an RM for our Ward Mission Leader that just returned from Culiacan, Mexico.  We've been learning that stateside Spanish-speaking missions are interesting haha.  

It's so cool that Adrian comes every week. We talked to him about his baptism and he's still not feeling ready, so I felt that I should just tell him to pray and tell us a date that he feels comfortable with.  He has a hard time reading, but he's so willing to learn and meet with us. I had several opportunities this week to assure him that whatever pain he carries from his past will be completely healed if he lets the Savior work in his life and is baptized.  We've been developing much more love for him than ever before lately.  It's been a good week for him.  I hope that he can feel how much we care.  

We don't have many other really solid investigators right now, but there is one lady we met this week that had been to church several times in Mexico.  She asked us a great question after we talked for about 30 minutes about the Restoration.  She asked us, "Why do bad things always happen to me?"  We had just taught her about the role of the Holy Ghost and prayer, so we told her that we wanted her to study it out in her mind and ask God for herself and then we would come with an answer the next time and also find out what she had learned.  I'll have to let you know how it goes!  It's amazing that the restored gospel has answers to every question you could possibly ask.  Sometimes it's better though to let others discover for themselves.  Just give them the tools and send them on their way.  And follow up.  Don't forget that!  Haha.  

I love you  a lot!  We're going to have another great week in Pearson.  I hope you do the same :)  


Elder Moore

Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014

Eric with Investigator Adrian

The Elders in the District with the presents Eric got them for Christmas‏  

Querida Familia,

FELIZ ANO NUEVO!!  I hope that everybody has taken some time to review what went right and what went wrong during 2013.  I definitely did!  I'm excited for this week.  This year has the potential to be so awesome.  I'm excited to see what happens.  I found out that I'm going to be with Elder Allen again next transfer, but our District Leader's leaving..  Sad!  He was awesome.  I'll send you some pictures of the things that have been going on.  We had to be in by 6:00 for New Year's Eve.  We just were in the apartment.  President Cottle suggested we take that time to come up with Resolutions, so that's what I did and then we played games for the rest of the night.  Somebody brought us delicious chicken around 10:00 at night haha.  We stayed full on Christmas candy though.  

I'm excited about Adrian.  We determined yesterday it's probably going to be another week or two before he gets baptized.  He was sick pretty much all last week.  We gave him a blessing and I prayed so hard to know what to do for him to make the situation positive and help him progress..  I was trying to think like Ammon and Aaron about using his trial to demonstrate the love and power of God.  Nothing was really coming to mind, but our Ward mission leader just suggested we go over to set up another time to go back but to just see how he was doing.  We did that and he was extremely happy just to know that someone cared.  The time after that we went back and he was a lot more positive and open than he's ever been.  Change of heart!  I went over to teach with Elder Stewart because the other Elders had taken laxatives that morning haha.  So they were incapacitated...  

We found another couple of people that had been attending church regularly and they stopped progressing because they chose to work on Sunday, but they told us this week that they'd like to continue coming to church and be baptized in the coming weeks.  We're hoping they really mean it.  
We're having a lot of fun in the GMM.  There are some members that asked for our home addresses and your e-mail addresses and cell phone numbers, so I guess maybe you should expect something sometime..  I don't know.  Ha.  

I guess if you eat greens on New Year's day, you make a lot of money in the New Year.  So, the Merrell's (Bishop and his family) fed us ham and collard greens.  It was really good!  I love greens and this spicy vinegar stuff that they put on them.  

I love you a lot!  Have an awesome week.  I'm still not trunky, don't worry :)  


Elder Moore