Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February 12, 2013

Week #3

It was a great week!  Elder Winward and I work great together and we have been seeing a lot of success because of the effort we make to be diligent, regardless of whatever else we would rather be doing than work!  It's inspiring being with Elder Winward again because he has come so far in the past year and is such a great missionary and gives me hope that I can see so many blessings that will come later on in my mission from doing my best.  

Daina started progressing a lot this week after we had a lesson and explained about why it's important to read, pray and come to church.  It's funny because it feels like we're there to just give people a little nudge out the door sometimes.  She came to church this week and is planning on being baptized next Saturday as long as she keeps up her commitments.  She learns SO fast.  It's like she remembers and comprehends everything that we talk to her about.  She understands that the gospel is seriously clear as the day is true and doable.  It has built my faith a lot to see her so willing to give everything to the Lord.  I think that he has been preparing her for this for a while now.  

We are teaching several other people as well.  There is going to be a wedding in the church this Friday.  Two of our investigators were told by one of the members that the Branch President is able to perform wedding ceremonies, so we're hoping to get something great out of that.  Pray for them though because I have this bad feeling that they're going to stop acting interested the day after the wedding.  The woman we are teaching, Waldina, acts very interested in what we have to say!  

We received a LOT of referrals this week including a member referral a way out in the boonies :)  His name is Luis and he is one of the humblest people I have ever met.  He had a lot of great answers to the questions we asked and seemed very interested in knowing about the restoration and baptism.  He committed to be baptized on the 3rd of March after he gets a testimony of the Book of Mormon and the prophet Joseph Smith.  It's just been such a nice couple of days.  It feels like the Lord has been pouring down the tender mercies!!  

Everything is going great!  I'm sorry that I didn't write you yesterday, I just realized that I forgot to tell you that we had P day on Tuesday this week because we do that on the weeks that there are transfers...  I'm not going anywhere thank goodness.  I'll be killing (sending home) Elder Winward when this transfer is over :( It's sad, but also happy that my prophecy is being fulfilled haha

I love you!  Everything is great!


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