Friday, July 15, 2011

June 11, 2011


Eric arrived in the mission field along with two other Elders--Elder  Wise and Elder Bennion

Here's his first email from the mission field:
Dear Family:

My companions are awesome.  I've learned so much already it's crazy!  It's really scary talking to real people that don't know about the message you have to share for them.  After the first couple times I started getting better and now it's pretty simple.  We only teach people that speak Spanish, so I probably won't be able to teach that cousin..  The Hispanic people are so amazing and nice.  You can ask them for anything and they will do it for you.  It's amazing how many people like to hear this message.  The other day we were tracting in this neighborhood full of black people and I got like 3 referrals for the English-speaking Sisters on my own!  It was so awesome.  I was telling the story of the Restoration to this one guy and he said that I was "singing his song" or something like that.  I literally wanted to jump for joy!  When someone accepts what you have to say, the joy you feel is incredible!  It's like all that I want is for that person to be baptized and return to live with Heavenly Father!

The members here are amazing.  The ones that stay in church are always solid gold.  They tell all of their friends and there's even this lady that knocks doors! 
Love,  Eric

Hey Fam,

I just ran out of time on the computers and i don't have a library card.  I seriously wish that I could write you like ten pages because I could.  I just wanted to tell you about a pretty huge miracle that happened this week.

We're going to baptize a family of three on Saturday and apparently have a wedding for them like an hour before the baptism!  Their names are Joaquin, Guadalupe, and Bryan.  They are an awesome family!  Because of that, we're gonna almost make our goal of four baptisms for the month of July! 

My companions are seriously amazing.  I'll tell you about them when I have more time, but I just wanted to write this second e-mail to just be able to actually tell you I love you and that I'm alive and doing the Lord's work.  I know that this is what I should be doing and I am so glad to have a family that has supported me and given me so much throughout all of my life.  I'll talk to you in another week.  I've gotta go because people are waiting to play ultimate frisbee with us right now for a "zone P-Day."  I love you!  This is the true gospel and everyone on earth should get the chance to hear the wonderful message that we share :)  Don't be afraid to speak up!  People love being talked to!

Love you so much,


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  1. Wow, Eric sounds like he's been out there for a year already. Way to go bro, we are going to write a letter for family night so hope he gets it soon.