Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14, 2011

Dear Family,

It sounds like it was a wonderful week!  I can't believe that Les Miserables is already down and overwith!  It just came and went.  I remember vividly when we first found out that Hannah got the part as Cosette.  Gosh I am so proud of her and am so sad that I missed it.  You had better save a copy of the DVD when she gets it so I can watch it when I get back.

My 6 month mark was this week!  One-fourth of the way done with my mission...  Do you even realize how crazy that is?!  All I can say is that it has changed me in regards to the gospel and purpose in this life just about 100%.  Did you know that Savannah is in my mission??  Did you say you're going there this week?  Is that even allowed?  Haha that is just ridiculous to think that you're going to be only 2 hours away from where I am right now.  

I have a couple of neat things to share this week!  Ali's Dad (Brother Lindberg) is in the District videos!  I remember Ali saying something like that before, but it hadn't really clicked until I was watching Ali's mom and dad teach an investigator in their house in San Antonio!  I know a celebrity!  I think he was the Ward Mission Leader in one of the wards that the district was filmed in at the time that it was being filmed.

Since we don't get to proselyte on holidays, the mission president told us that we could go up with the ward to Georgia this weekend to go to their camping activity for the day. (We won't obviously be camping.)  I am really excited for that and I really just think that the holidays are going to be a lot of fun with, of course, a lot of food!!  

This week was really exciting because we started talking to an old investigator again.  It just seemed like he needed some time to cool off, but now we have been going over and teaching him again pretty frequently.  We don't have anyone with a set baptismal date right now, but a couple of investigators have been taking big steps to progress...  We taught the word of wisdom to Rosalio and Emilia this week and expected them to be a little bit reluctant, especially because Rosalio is always drinking a beer when we're over there, but they were so prepared to be taught about that commandment it was ridiculous.  We also cut their dog's hair.  I'll try to send some pictures to you in another e-mail, but I don't know if I can from these library computers...  

One other investigator that I want to tell you about is Jose.  His wife is a member of the church and he told us last week that he had gotten an answer to his prayer and read in the book of mormon.  I might have already told you that, but I am still so excited for the next time we go over to see them.  He is a truck driver and has been out of town for about 2 weeks because of trouble with his truck, but he told us he would call us today!  I'll let you know how that goes.

Just keep praying for some more wonderful miracles and some baptisms in Orange Park!  We are working hard to find them, but we can always use the power of prayer on our side.

 I am doing great and I'm excited to be a missionary!  I love you a lot and hope you continue to enjoy everything there in Colorado.  By the way Hannah and Will look so small it is hilarious!  



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