Monday, November 14, 2011

November 7, 2011

Dear Family,

I have been studying the Book of Mormon a lot lately and trying to apply it more to my teaching, even in just street contacts, and it truly is powerful.  It's just like Elder Holland says that you can't have a full vision of the gospel until you embrace the divinity of the Book of Mormon, and of Jesus Christ, of whom it testifies.  I have been using it a lot lately whenever I am in any sort of spiritual slump because it is the best way to bring hope back into your life.  It really seems that the Lord speaks to us individually when we read the Book of Mormon with the companionship of the Holy Ghost and ask for the understanding.

This week we didn't get to see Jose because he was out of town all week in Texas.  He drives a truck all around the United States, but gets three days a week off, so it's not like the terrible lives the people in that play we watched live.  When he told us that he was out of town we asked him if he had been reading and he said yes.  And then we asked him if he prayed to know if it was true or not and he said yes.  And then we asked him what he thought and he told us that he would talk to us about it the next time we see him!  It was so wonderful.  I know that if he actually read and actually prayed that the answer he says he received is that it is 100% true because it's what God promises.  Just keep praying for him that he will know that this truly is the Church of Jesus Christ!!

On Halloween we went to go to talk to one of our new investigators, Sergio, and he told us that he had nephews that would like to come to church with him as well.  We went inside his apartment and sat down with the three of them and taught about the Restoration and one of the nephews was listening so intently and so interested.  I even asked him "If you had to explain what the most important part of this message is in one sentence, what would it be," and he answered, "Well, that we need to find out if it is true or not."  It just doesn't seem like that much, but when he said it he was just being so sincere and honest and the look on his face when we gave him a Book of Mormon just said, "What is this thing I am holding in my hands?"  It was powerful!  

I got a little bit sick this week and I think it caused a little bit of a flare-up in my stomach, but it's nothing to worry about.  I just called the doctor and the nurse told me to up the dose for about a week and call her back if I was still having problems, but it's pretty settled.  It was really the first time that I had felt pain.  I'm doing well now though.

I got your package and Kendi's as well.  Thank you both so much!  It was so wonderful.  I especially loved all of the ties!  I loved the black and orange one.  Everyone comments on it and I think it looks rather dashing.

I would love nothing more than to have a book of spiritually-uplifting piano arrangements for my birthday.  Also there is a piano arrangement for "This is the Christ" that I would love to have as well that you can probably find on Deseret Book's website.

My shirts are all ENORMOUS.  I only wear three of them or four of them because those are literally the only ones that fit.  There is someone that tailors in the ward, but the shirts are just made for enormous people.  I'll go into Dillard's to see if they can do anything, but if not I don't really know what to do.  

This past six months has flown by and I can't believe it is literally almost Christmas.  I still feel like a little baby missionary, but I feel that the person I am now and the person I was six months ago is completely different in regards to my own relationship with Christ and the significance of the gospel in my life.  You are great parents and I look up to you and am so glad that you raised me the way you did.  I hope that you keep on having a great time over there in L-town, Colorado and bring honor to the family name :D

Tell Hannah to break a leg!  I really wish I could be there to see her as Cosette.  I know she will be spectacular.  I will probably be sending a box of things I shouldn't have brought on my mission home soon, so don't get too excited if you get a package sometime this week from me.  One of those things is, sadly enough, the Les Mis CD.  It's just so full of romance and violence, I just feel it's probably not what I should be listening to as a missionary.  

Thank you so much for the package.  Ask Kendi if they ever got the letter I sent to them in the MTC and make sure that you let them know that I got the package they sent me!  



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