Saturday, December 17, 2011

December 12, 2011

Dear Family,

This week was wonderful!  Adriana is progressing so much and it is so wonderful to see someone completely understand what we are saying and accept the fact that our church is not just a place of worship, but a lifestyle set by the example of Christ.  We taught her a little bit about obedience and the Sabbath Day and she told us that she would come to church, but her boss is not going to let her get work off, even for a little bit on Sundays.  She works in unloading at Sam's and tells us all the time how much she doesn't like it and how awful her hours are...  We are just praying that she gets her dream job working in a school so she can have the same hours as her daughter and have a normal family life again.  She is so great and really just the perfect example of hard working and how having a positive attitude always makes things so much better.  She is from Colombia and is really funny and outgoing and has this little almost squeaky high voice.  She loves having us over as far as I can tell, and she completely believes in everything we tell her.  Pray for her to get a better job with Sundays free!

We spoke with a Guatemalan named Mateo about 4 weeks ago and he really knows his Bible verses.  He didn't seem very interested in coming to church or anything, so we just gave him some stuff to read and told him to call if he was interested.  Just a few days ago we went back to see someone else that lives in the same house and he answered the door and talked with us for a little bit and ended up inviting him to church.  He told us that he would do it, almost out of spite it seems, but he ended up coming is the important thing!  He got so much fellowshipping and love from every Hispanic member in church it was crazy!  We have been working and working this week to try to get at least one person to church, and we were so happy to see how well that worked out.  We will be visiting him again this week, so pray that he was impressed by the spirit he FOR SURE felt there.

There's an Elder in my Zone named Elder Bishop from American Fork and he knows Aaron Ingersoll.  I was talking to him about him the other week and he told me that he didn't think that Aaron was going, but that is such great news to hear!  I just wish that every new missionary could see a little preview of what they will learn and just have a little comprehension of how much they will grow in such a short amount of time.  Wish Jordan luck for me.  That's terrible that he has to go back to the MTC.  It was great, but I couldn't do it twice.  You remember my MTC experience... It was full of a lot of Drama, but you're right, in the end I still loved it.

This week we have a Christmas Devotional and Talent Show on Thursday.  I have been trying to learn this Organ piece called "O Divine Redeemer," but I don't think I'll have it ready by Thursday, so I probably won't be playing.  I am accompanying the Sisters in "Mary Did You Know" and singing "Away in a Manger" and "Who is He in Yonder Stall," so my talents aren't going to waste.  It should be great.  I think that the piano and the organ are wonderful, but I really only get time to play them on Monday and sometimes at meetings, so I'm still pretty excited to go on a practice spree when I get home.  

Please send me a CD with Hannah singing on it.  That would be the best thing ever.  I LOVED the package you sent.  It's strange because last week in my e-mail I was thinking about asking you for ideas on what I could do special for Christmas.  I'm excited to go caroling and make cookies to take to people in the next couple weeks.  Let Sister Bartlett know shes great.  And so are YOU.

It sounds like always you are staying busy and having a great time.  Keep up the good work and I'll talk to you in a week :)



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