Sunday, September 4, 2011

August 29,2011

Dear Family,

It was another awesome week.  I guess I'll just start off by explaining a few things.  I was told by my trainers that since Spanish areas in the mission are so enormous, I'll probably always have a car.  The only thing though is that we only have a limited amount of miles to go each month, so when we run out it's bike or foot.  So there might be a few times every now and then I might need a bike, but I'll just let you know if that day ever comes.  The Apartment that I live in now is like living in a castle with just two people.  It is way bigger than the last and way nicer.  It's just Elder Garnica and I here, which is weird considering it was five in the last shanty I lived in.  I don't think it's a sketchy neighborhood or anything either, so nothing to worry about getting robbed.  They put packages in these weird boxes and put the keys to the boxes in your mailbox, so it won't get stolen.  I'll send you some pictures when I take some pictures. 

So we didn't have a baptism this week, but we have the most golden investigators - the one that told us she wanted to join the church and already had a testimony of the book of Mormon even though she hasn't read it in particular.  We went over to talk to her about the Sabbath day because she hasn't been coming to church and she told us the reason she didn't come yesterday was because her son got put in jail on false charges and she was dealing with that.  She told us though that she talked to her boss and told him that she can't work on Sunday anymore because she wants to go to church every Sunday with her husband.  It's the best to be able to witness people's true and sincere desire to change.  We're going to give them a church tour this weekend and set a date in three weeks for them to be baptized.  It's really hard to wait that long, but our mission president is all about retention and the only way they are going to keep coming back is if they know 100% what they are getting into.  It's a little bit discouraging when people give up on the gospel just because it's hard, but all we can do is just keep trying to get them back.  

You're right about this month.  It really did fly by.  I can't believe I've almost been on my mission for four months.  That's a sixth of the whole thing!  Do you even realize how crazy that is?  It's just like one of the missionaries that left last transfer said:  "The missions a lot  like toilet paper...  The smaller it gets, the faster it goes."  haha

The situation that we're in is a little bit weird.  We're in an English ward, but we attend a Spanish group.  So they go on at the same time, but after church is over we go to sacrament meeting with the Spanish group.  I don't understand why they don't just make it a branch.  There's not a Branch President, but there's a group leader which is basically the same thing..  I don't know I'm just hoping that we can change it into a Branch or something!  As Spanish missionaries, we only have Spanish-speaking investigators, but a lot of people in this part of Jacksonville speak both English and Spanish.  We can teach them as long as they are able to understand someone giving a talk in Spanish.  So I do speak Spanish all the time, except when we're in meetings and with other missionaries.  

Haha I could just see you two out in the creek building a waterfall.  That's an hilarious picture :)  I'm sure that it's beautiful and I'm so happy that you're living your dream.  I can't wait to see pictures and I'm so happy that you sent me that package.  I hope I get it soon!  It sounds like Hannah really is going to end up having a great Senior year.  I love you all so much, of course and I'm so grateful for your words of encouragement and your desire to go out and help the ward with the work.  Have a great week!


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