Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11, 2013

Zone Conference-Jax East

Dear Family: 
It was a pretty good week.  I went on a trade-off with the District leader and it was really nice because for the first time in a while I was reminded that I can hold my own in a conversation with a Hispanic!  I had to teach everything the whole time because the other Elder doesn't speak Spanish.  We met a bunch of new people that day from several referrals that we received from their neighbors and set up return appointments with them!  This is actually usually how knocking goes for us:  I've told you before about the clues we look for, i.e. Dora gear, bright paint, upside-down mops outside, etc., and then we knock on those houses to find Hispanics and just ask everyone which of their neighbors speak Spanish.  This area's really nice because we only have to worry about Spanish-speakers, but in most areas of the mission it's half and half English/ Spanish.  It's really fun looking for new people when we don't have anything more productive to do.  On good days where I actually want to see people, I think that it might be my favorite thing to do!

Things are going good with Taina and Alfredo, but everyone is getting sick lately, so they weren't at church.  We hope it doesn't slow their progression though!

We have been going on somewhat of a fried chicken binge over the past couple weeks.  We have been to every fast food chicken place just to find the best one and have definitely determined Popeye's is for sure the best, but KFC actually holds its own pretty well, surprisingly.  I have been obsessed with cole slaw, biscuits and FRIIIIIEEED CHICKEN, but after the last one we had, Church's Chicken, I think I'm about done with fried foods for the rest of my life.  We eat really well when we don't eat out to make up for the fried chicken we get when we eat out.  Ugh this is just making me hungry talking about it.  I learned in my nutrition class that it's important to remember to shop the perimeter of the store when we go food shopping, so I've been trying to live by that every since.  Our groceries are usually pretty cheap and our fridge is full of way healthy food for the most part.  A couple of weeks ago a member fed us skrawberry ice cream with animal crackers and it was a great discovery, so we bought that too.  Haha.  

Thanks for everything.  I PROMISE that I will take at least 100 PICTURES this week and send you some soon.  That's a promise!!  

Love you,

Elder Moore

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