Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March 25, 2013

Dear Family!

This week was interesting.  Every single day I got up in a terrible mood and it's been a struggle all the way until pretty much the sun goes down, but we always go home feeling happy and accomplished.  Things are going great with Elder Nelson though, he is incredibly good at asking people questions and listening.  He's charitable, I guess would be a good way to sum it up!  He's from Moab, UT and talks all the time about how amazing his experience was as a river guide before his mission.  He is 23, so he waited a while to come out, but it just makes me able to see even more how much he wants to be out here.  He's really goofy, kind of like dad's humor goofy almost, but it's really nice being with him.  So far we have been working well together and I know that we both have a similar vision of what we want to happen this transfer.  

There's another missionary that plays piano that just got transferred into the Spanish Branch to be with Elder Hernandez, so we were able to play on the piano this morning together.  He's really good.  He writes his own music, but is still impressed by the songs that I have played for him.  Maybe he'll teach me how to be better.  It feels like the four of us are going to be the Elders in this ward for a while now.  

This week Alfredo came to church again and he was acting so buddy-buddy with me!  It was really fun sitting with him in class when the Stake President was teaching the ward about missionary work.  There were something like six non-members in the church yesterday.  It was a gift from heavenly Father to see so many people there yesterday.  It was Ward Conference, so I translated for everyone that can't understand Spanish for the first two talks and then I translated the Stake President's talk into Spanish.  I found out that it is a LOT easier to translate from English to Spanish for some reason by the way!  Alfredo came up and told me he really enjoyed the talk that I translated, so I guess I did pretty good, right??  It's horrifying, but I couldn't do it without the help of the Holy Ghost!  

We met with a man named Alexis that we gave a blessing because he is in a lot of pain and apparently he's been reading the Book of Mormon a lot, so we'll see what happens in the next few days!  This week included giving a lot of people blessings and talking to a lot of people that we had never seen before, going to places we've never been before.  It rained a lot this weekend, but now the sun's out and it's suddenly cold!!  It's the weirdest thing that it's so warm whenever it rains and cold when the sun's out.  It'll just be hot in a few weeks though, so we'll just have to keep bearing through this for a little while longer.

Things have been good!  What really bugs me a lot though is the feeling of how dang long I have left!  I can't even believe I've been out for two months already though, can you??  I have been taking your suggestions to heart and memorizing hymns every week to keep positive and pure thoughts.  It helps a lot to see the bright side of life.

 We moved really far from our area, like ten minutes from the church, but we live in a very nice apartment now!  I'll try to post more pictures on Facebook every now and then.
Our New Address is:
8401 Baymeadows Rd. Apt. 501
Jacksonville, FL 32256

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