Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013

That was one of the fastest weeks of my whole life.  We had a lot of fun and talked to a lot of people. It feels like every night we get home honestly happy to plan and then as soon as we're done at 9:30, I'm hit with a train of tired.  We went down to Savannah yesterday with a member, Brother Clark, to catch the end of Stake Conference.  We only were there for about the last 45 minutes because we had to go to Parris Island.  I got to interview one of the recruits that is going to be getting baptized next week and he is really happy.  Everyone in his platoon talks about how that's what he looks forward to more than anything else. 

We've been out looking for Spanish people as usual in Beaufort and found several new families.  We were praying really hard one day that we would find a family that could act as part of that foundation we want in a Spanish group and found some people in a store called the Veracruzana that told us they have been thinking that God wants them to take another direction in this life.  She's from Mexico, but her name is Susan!  They're an awesome family.  We're still teaching Luis and invited him this week to read the Book of Mormon within the next 6 months.  It's about three pages a day..  Not too much.  We talked about how especially as missionaries we have discovered that days are always better when you're reading the scriptures.  Elder Wright has been blowing everyone away with his testimony.  He's amazing!  

Did you say that there was two inches of water in our basement and you had to take the carpet out and get it replaced??  Was anything damaged in our house from the flooding?  I'm glad that things are looking a lot better.  I keep checking the pictures that you post on Facebook, but they're mostly just of other people's houses.  

For some reason I don't have as much to write this week.  I'm praying for you!  I love you so much :)  Keep praying for Carlos and Yovana.  I don't know why, but they haven't spoken to us in several weeks.  I hope that we didn't do something wrong...  They seemed so solid and then just stopped answering their phone..  Frustrating!!  

Elder Moore

I just wanted to share with you a pretty cool experience that I had last night as Elder Wright and I studied using Family History to find people to teach.  I was just going over it confused about how I could ever use family history to teach Spanish people and I pulled out my four generation pedigree chart and looked over the names.  When I looked at grandma Brady's name I just had a flood of the spirit of Elijah or something.  I feel like I kind of zoned out and saw her in my mind and she spoke to me as if she were in the room.  I don't know if it was just my mind, but the spirit was so strong afterward.  I feel like she's on the other side of the veil trying to give me support and advice.  I wrote down what she said in my Book of Revelations.  I hadn't really ever experienced anything like that.  


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