Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September 30, 2013

Dear Family,

It's harder than I could have ever imagined to watch that video of the Lefthand Creek flooded in the e-mail that Dad sent to me.  It's amazing how the water just crept right up on you and nobody else in all of Rainbow Ridge and Creekside, really...  It's wonderful to know that the damage done to our house is nothing too serious and that everybody seems to be ok and not trapped in Longmont.  I'll be praying for the people up in the mountains..  It seems like they would be the most safe honestly..  Wouldn't the water just run down to the bottom?  It's awesome to hear that the Elders and Sisters over there are helping out so much and you've had so many chances to share the gospel lately.  Things like this humble people a lot, I guess!  I'll be praying for your neighbors as well.  I wish I could be there to help you teach them and clean up the house and yard..  Maybe it doesn't seem like the most fun thing, but it sounds like more good has come from the situation than bad from what you've told me.  I'm sure it's hard, but keep your heads up :)  That was a great story by the way Dad about the dolls and the experience with the cloth dolls.  It sounded like something out of a book.  

Life's the same over here in South Carolina.  It's getting a lot colder really fast though, so it's going to be good wearing suits in a few weeks.  I didn't get a new suit because we haven't been over to Bluffton for a while, but hopefully I'll have one by next week.  I'll send you a picture of it :)  I have to convince one of the other Elders I'm living with though to buy one with me because they're buy one, get one free!  We'll see what happens, that's not the most important thing right now.  

We talked to Luis yesterday one on one to try to find out whether or not he really wants to be baptized and he said that he does sometime in the near future.  He says he wants to set things right with God, and we explained to him that's good and it's called repentance.  He says he'll be baptized when he feels more like he's doing what he's supposed to be doing.  We invited him again to read the Book of Mormon daily and to pray to know what day he should be baptized.  We only meet with him once a week because of school, but we're going to try calling him at least every other day to check up on his progression.  

Things at Parris Island are going extremely well as usual.  Recruit Ream was baptized yesterday in front of a whole congregation of Protestants.  I conducted the service and just included everyone present in the prayers and the ordinance itself.  The pastors just didn't want to clear out the room because there are probably over a hundred people that meet in there.  I wonder how many people are going to be coming from there to our service next week!  Hopefully it impacted someone :)  We set up two more recruits to be baptized on the 12th of October.  Crazy to think how fast time really is flying by.  

The Beaufort Ward itself has been more excited than ever about missionary work and we've been approached several times regarding how we can help them in finding more people to teach.  I wish every member could just do what you two are doing!  I hope you know how much more powerful it is when an investigator is friends with a member and that member is present for the lessons taught!  There aren't a whole lot of people that get baptized after meeting the missionaries by them knocking on the door.  We've been talking to several of the less active Spanish members in an effort to get them back, but we just haven't found the magic key or something yet.  

What would help me more than anything else in the world would be if you could send me more of those little inspirational quotes or things you find that would help me to teach better.  Like quotes or talks by general authorities or other people.  I really liked when you were doing that before :)  I've noticed you sharing my posts on your wall!  That's awesome, keep it up :)  

Love you so much,

Elder Moore

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