Sunday, March 4, 2012

February 20, 2012

Dear Family,

This week was a little bit different than most.  We dropped almost all of our investigators because we just figured that none of them were progressing towards baptism.  We have been having a hard time finding elect investigators.  It was the hardest to drop Elena, even though it was such a huge relief at the same time.  I don't mean to sound self-righteous, but we were such a huge blessing in her life that came straight from Heavenly Father to help her accept the gospel into her life, but she just couldn't get past her old beliefs.  It wasn't so much teaching, rather that just talking at somebody that is just thinking about how they're going to counter what we say with something they already believe.  It's just hard to teach people that aren't willing to listen to what we say when it comes down to it.  

So now we are pretty much starting from scratch and just working to find people that will be baptized.  Our Mission President tells us again and again to find through the members and on our own time, so we've been doing that.  On Friday we went up to contact some people in a little town to the north of Gainesville called Alachua.  We found SO MANY HISPANICS!!  It was wonderful!  A member had just recently moved up there too that will be coming down to our ward for translation, so we don't really even have to worry about transportation for this one man we talked to that had already been attending church just a few weeks before.  Even though we dropped almost everyone, we can clearly see that the Lord provides to those that trust Him!  

On Wednesday we had a Spanish-speaking missionary conference.  It was a lot of fun to be with only the people that I will for sure be companions with at some point.  There was a lot of excitement and it was really funny being able to talk about all of the ways that we use to find Hispanics.  Haha they tell us to look for clues and I'll just share a couple with you:  an upside down mop by their front door, Dora the Explorer gear (of course), frogs, pieces of carpet instead of welcome mats, Fabuloso soap in the windows, a lot of plants in their front yard, foreign flags, Dish 500 satellites, little trucks with rims that cost more than the car, etc...  Haha it's just so funny. 

I am happy that Hannah decided to go to USU, even though it's sad that she's going to be gone next summer.  I'm sure it will be a sad adjustment, but it's ok because we'll be together forever :)

I hope you have a wonderful week.  I am doing great here in Gainesville.  I'll send you some pictures next week in my e-mail!  Kira's a munequita!  I'll be praying for all ya'll.  



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