Sunday, March 4, 2012

February 26, 2012

Dear Family,

This week we did find some really elect people, but they were outside of our ward boundaries and English-speaking so we had to hand them off to the other Elders.  It was a really tough week because we didn't have a lot of set appointments with investigators...  I know that it's just a trial of our faith and that really we can do anything if it's what the Lord wants.  I'll let you know next week about the hundreds of baptismal dates we set :)

Elena and Stephanie both came to church, so we picked them up again, but other than that we are still just out looking and looking and looking some more!  We met a man named Eric that speaks only English, but is inside our ward boundaries, so we can teach him...  He had a book called "Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith compiled by Joseph Fielding Smith" that apparently a member gave to him...  It sure would be nice if people could just stick to the Book of Mormon haha.  We had to explain so many incredibly difficult to answer questions about things that Joseph Smith had said.  Goodness gracious I don't know why Deseret Book publishes some of the things it publishes.  

President Barry has emphasized a lot lately the fact that we need to be finding through members.  He is trying to help us all to get a glimpse of the vision he has of how the missionary work of this church is going to start flying!  Like I was telling Dad, could you imagine how much growth would happen in the church if every member would just help the missionaries teach one of their friends?  The church would double in size.  

It sounds like you are having a great time down there in Texas.  I'm sure that they are all thrilled to have you down there.  Make sure that you let everyone know that I'm still alive.



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