Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 1, 2013

Dear family,

I am so happy about church yesterday and Easter!   It was a great day.  We were asked to speak, so all four of the Elders in the Branch got up and spoke about The Fall, Resurrection, Gospel, and Eternal Life.  I played the piano while Elders Eklof and Nelson sang "He is Risen" (in Spanish) with the Branch President!  President Mauerman is his name.  He's the one that sent you the picture.  That was right after a funeral that we were invited to of one of the member's of the Branch, Brother Lopes', father.  During the dedication of the grave, I was just standing there with my eyes closed and I felt the spirit rush around me.  Like something giving me a hug from behind.  It was amazing the amount of love I felt that family had for their grandfather / father / friend.  I couldn't help but think of Grandma and Grandpa's funerals as well as Grandma Wanda.  I'll never forget that eulogy that Aunt Nancy gave at Grandma's! :)  

We met with a man named Lazaro that wanted a Book of Mormon this week in Northern Jacksonville.  He has already put a pretty big dent in the reading and seems to be extremely interested.  He is from Cuba!  I'm telling you, it seems like everything wonderful's been coming out of Cuba in the work here lately!  He grew up in the same neighborhood as a recent convert in the Branch, so they immediately hit it off fast.  Yesterday we offered to give Lazaro a church tour and toward the end of it, he said "So, where am I getting baptized?"  Haha it's such a tender mercy, but we're just praying for him to get a testimony of the truth of the Book of Mormon and understand it's purpose before he gets baptized.  He wants to be baptized on the 20th of April!  So, be praying for him :)

We have been meeting with a lot of the members lately to figure out what they need and how we can help.  We want to feel like anyone in this ward can trust us, and it's been making us a lot happier in general.  When we go to church, it's nice to feel like everyone greets you with a genuine smile and like we're friends with the members!  We are eating like kings too!  We had Tilapia on Saturday with the Garcia family and Carne Asada yesterday with the Ruiz family.  They are from Mexico and Honduras, respectively.  Sister Garcia is from Carmen.  Just outside of Playa del Carmen! We've been there!

Our address is actually 8401 Southside Blvd. #501.  Not Baymeadows!  Sorry about that!  I got your package!  Thank you so much I love you :))))))  Sorry that I haven't been sending pictures.  I tried my best to do it this week, but this little flash drive thing isn't working...  :(  I'll try to post some tomorrow or whenever the next time I get on Facebook is. I promise!  


Elder Moore

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