Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013

I just found out on Saturday, right after Ivan's baptism that I am training a new, baby missionary!  I'll still be in Beaufort, but I don't know who he is or much anything else.  I'm honestly a little bit nervous, but I figure that as long as I don't stress out and just work hard, it'll probably be fine!  Which also means that Elder Phelps is leaving...  That was CRAZY fast.  It feels like only yesterday that we were put together.  These weeks are flying by ridiculously fast!!

I don't have a ton of time today, but I'll just give you a quick review of what happened this week.  Ivan was baptized on Saturday and insisted that the Elders baptize and confirm him, so he was baptized by Elder Phelps and I confirmed him.  We had a GREAT day setting solid baptismal dates at Parris Island, so we kind of spaced on the confirmation, but showed up to sacrament meeting at JUST the right moment so that I could go up and confirm him.  It's amazing how the words just came.  Things like that are always really easy whenever I just ask Heavenly Father for help and to keep calm.  He told Elder Phelps when they were getting changed after that he wants to serve a mission!!  So he'll have to finish up his active duty in the next 3 years and he'll be able to go!  He is SO solid.

At Parris Island this week, we taught the restoration and testified sincerely before inviting everyone in the room to be baptized.  This time, one guy raised him hand and said, "I have been attending this church since I was 15 years old and could never get permission from my parents to get baptized, but since I just turned 18 I want to do it!  I've been trying for 3 years!"  Then another recruit raised his hand and told us that he has been attending for the past 3 or 4 weeks and that it just feels right..  There are several other recruits that seem like they could easily be prepared in the next few weeks, but aren't quite there. 

Pray for me and my new companion!  Let me know what your and Dad's plans are in the next few years.  I know you've always wanted to serve a mission, but it'd be nice to go home to a home with family in it :)  Give Hannah a HUGE hug from me!!


Elder Moore
Ivan's Baptism

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