Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 9, 2013

Elder Phelps, Eric's current companion
Eric the Preacher

4th of July with the Hilton Head Elders

P-day letter writing and Facebook updating

Saying goodbye to the Barry's
2013/7/9 Eric Moore <eric.moore@myldsmail.net>
Dear Family: 

I meant to tell Hannah because she asked about it, but I'll just tell you that Beaufort is WAY more Beautiful than the post card that I sent to you.  It's even greener than when I first arrived!

The Cottles are amazing!  You would have never guessed that they had only been in the field for 5 days based on the trainings that they gave us on Wednesday.  It's a lot different already than things were in the FJM, but I'd say if I have learned something in the past few years, it's adapting to change.  So far it's been a breeze, but maybe I shouldn't speak too soon or he'll throw down on us with fire and brimstone D:  He interviewed me yesterday, and it really was a LOT different than any interview that I've ever had.  He seems pretty seasoned and masterful in giving interviews.  He doesn't take crap!  He loves music!  He is always making music parallels and teaches like an institute professor.  He taught us about how he hopes that we all desire to received the "favored treatment," as did Nephi, by living righteously and obeying our Heavenly Father and other leaders.  He told us without a doubt that he is the favorite child in his family and then explained how we do the same thing.  It was really funny.  It was almost like he was training us how to be leaders in that way.  It was good.  It was a lot different though.  

This week we have been talking a lot to the Spanish-speaking members of the church in an effort to get some growth going here.  We have several investigators that are all really nice, but they just do not keep commitments most of the time!  It's hard being a 21 year old and getting someone to change, but when we bear pure testimony, often times people change and are suddenly at least willing to say they will do something.  The spirit convinces them.  

We have been working with a boy named Ivan that is SO excited to be baptized on the 20th.  We taught him last Thursday and he kept going back and saying, "I don't know for sure, but I think that I'm ready!"  He told us about how excited he was to come to church, and when he came he had a GREAT experience!  There is something special about the spirit that you feel in this ward, especially in fast and testimony meeting, and I'm sure that he felt it.  It's been amazing teaching someone that has been so prepared by the Lord for such a long time.  From my experience, the people that join the church and decide to be baptized are the ones that SEEK THE TRUTH.  The majority of people, however, are content with the way that they are, following the incorrect traditions of their fathers just because it's what they are used to.  If more people truly sought Christ, the church would grow so fast that our biggest worry would be our soggy feet from being in the baptismal font too long :)  

I think that's just the thing that the spirit does for us and others.  We are incapable of accomplishing much on our own, but when people truly feel and understand the truth, they turn into people like Ivan or Lazaro or Thompson or Hernandez.  The truth is easily understood to those that open their ears to hear it!  

It's been a long time since I first felt like I actually fully committed myself to the gospel, but ever since it has been hard to not wonder why everyone doesn't strive as hard as they can to follow Christ.  The blessings that come from doing missionary work are greater than most anything else we can experience in this life!

My health is fine.  I'll try to take more pictures.
Elder Moore

 OH YEAH and on the fourth of July, we had to be back inside our apartments by 7:00, so we had a trade off that day in Hilton Head and weren't lonely all night.  Elder Eklof and I reminisced about Jax East and then we played some music and played this game he made up using a putter and golf ball with the other two Elders.  They live pretty much right on the water, so we were kind of able to see Hilton Head's fireworks show, but there were trees in the way so we just hung out.  I wore a really cool American flag tie that day though.  :)  We went to the Hilton Head ward's 4th of July breakfast :)

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