Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014

Elder Stewart and Elder Moore

Dear Family,

We had some fantastic things happen this week.  We set a couple of goals to move the work forward next week especially.  I've been looking and praying very hard to be able to find what the Lord wants me to do before leaving Pearson and I've had several ideas come into my mind.  We have been teaching a Sunday school class for Adrian in Spanish, but it came to us this week in Correlation meeting that we should just have the class every week for everybody that speaks Spanish.  We went and invited a bunch of people to come to it and we had a good three students this Sunday.  I feel that if we keep that up, it's at least going to give the Spanish-speaking members a chance to learn and invite their friends.  Something simple and obvious, but it works because there are Spanish-speaking Elders in the area for now.  It's awesome that we have an RM for our Ward Mission Leader that just returned from Culiacan, Mexico.  We've been learning that stateside Spanish-speaking missions are interesting haha.  

It's so cool that Adrian comes every week. We talked to him about his baptism and he's still not feeling ready, so I felt that I should just tell him to pray and tell us a date that he feels comfortable with.  He has a hard time reading, but he's so willing to learn and meet with us. I had several opportunities this week to assure him that whatever pain he carries from his past will be completely healed if he lets the Savior work in his life and is baptized.  We've been developing much more love for him than ever before lately.  It's been a good week for him.  I hope that he can feel how much we care.  

We don't have many other really solid investigators right now, but there is one lady we met this week that had been to church several times in Mexico.  She asked us a great question after we talked for about 30 minutes about the Restoration.  She asked us, "Why do bad things always happen to me?"  We had just taught her about the role of the Holy Ghost and prayer, so we told her that we wanted her to study it out in her mind and ask God for herself and then we would come with an answer the next time and also find out what she had learned.  I'll have to let you know how it goes!  It's amazing that the restored gospel has answers to every question you could possibly ask.  Sometimes it's better though to let others discover for themselves.  Just give them the tools and send them on their way.  And follow up.  Don't forget that!  Haha.  

I love you  a lot!  We're going to have another great week in Pearson.  I hope you do the same :)  


Elder Moore

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