Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

Dear Familia:
I'm just going to say it again, but this week was fast.  Time has been flying by ever since I've gotten to Pearson, it's a little bit freaky honestly.  We were teaching Adrian the other day and I honestly was afraid we were going to lose him.  It was a frustrating lesson at first and we just weren't understanding each other, but I prayed SO HARD to be able to help him and have patience.  It was amazing how things changed just from sitting there listening to him.  We'd invited him a bunch of times before to pray about Joseph Smith and have talked to him several times about the restoration, but this time it felt like he really understood.  He was silent for a lot of the time when we were talking about this being the only true and complete church upon the earth and he absorbed it all!  We talked about how he could know and he said something like, "God's not going to speak to me though.."  We assured him that God would and his countenance just changed.  He kind of gave us an ultimatum stating that he would either receive an answer or stop coming, so we fasted on Saturday night in hopes that by tomorrow he knows it's true.  I've been praying a lot to be able to respond to whatever he tells us though, even if he doesn't feel that he's received an answer.  In the end, everything comes in the Lord's time, even though we hope more than anything that he will know by tomorrow.  Fingers crossed!  We seriously did all we could.  There was so much love in the room before we left.  The attitude just completely changed.  

Yesterday we had Stake Conference, like you somehow already knew...  Does everyone have Stake Conference at the same time?  It was a broadcast from Orlando.  Two Seventies, Sister McConkie and Elder Nelson spoke.  It was amazing!  Sister McConkie talked about how she LOVES the commandments. That seems to be one of the themes of last week.  We also had Zone Conference on Friday and talked about obedience.  President Cottle asked us, "Do you think that President Monson is annoyed by the rules he has to live as prophet?"  Of course he's not!  That would be ridiculous.  As we become more and more converted, our desire to sin completely goes away.  It's amazing how that process is just something gradual, but absolutely true.  There are things I used to want that have become so stupid in my mind because of the power of the Atonement.  I really felt President and Sister Cottle's love more than ever in this meeting.  I had the chance to get up and bear my testimony after being called on randomly.  I just talked about how many blessings we and others around us receive because of us serving missions.  I also stated that I love missionaries, regardless of whoever they are just for making the decision to serve and sacrificing so much to come out here.  
I love you so much!  I hope that you have a wonderful week.  Find, teach, BAPTIZE!  


Elder Moore

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