Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March 10, 2014

Querida Familia,

What an amazing week!  I feel like the power from your prayers has been really motivating Elder Allen and me.  I wish I could tell you in person all about Lesly's baptism!  I wish that you could have been there.  It was so sweet.  The day before the baptism she was interviewed and found ready and we asked her who wanted to baptize her.  She said she wanted Elder Allen to baptize and me to confirm.  I can't lie, I was a little bit sad to think it could have been the last chance I would have to baptize someone as a full time missionary, but that doubt and sadness was taken away almost immediately and replaced with being SO excited for Elder Allen to baptize someone for the first time in his life!  We decided that night that there were a lot of people that we could have baptized in the next three weeks as well anyway.  I'm excited that things are working out the way they are because it's really making me want to stay sure that I'm working as hard as possible!  
We did the baptism a little bit differently than ever before, we had all the talks before and then a little testimony meeting after the actual ordinance.  We invited Lesly to tell everyone how she felt after her baptism and all she said was, "I feel happy about my baptism."  It was so sincere haha.  We DID get a couple of referrals out of the service.  We started talking to her older Sister, Jessica.  I'm not one hundred percent sure if we'll be able to baptize her in three weeks, but after talking to her it's pretty easy to see that she's going to love the restored gospel.  

We spent a lot of time preparing for the service and I just really think that it payed off.  Lesly invited a bunch of her friends and family and Olivia came and loved it.  I hope that it gave her strength to talk to her family about being baptized.  We taught her the Plan of Salvation this week and she opened up a lot about why she's not already baptized and most of it just comes down to her not feeling ready to tell her parents and grandpa.  They're really strong baptists, so she doesn't want them upset.  I'm hoping that when she does tell them that they react in a loving and understanding way...  We promised her that no matter what they said though that God wouldn't ruin her life for making the decision to do what she believes is right.  She worries a lot about not being with her family in the Celestial Kingdom.  I'm not really even sure how to answer that, but we just assure her that God loves her and will make her happy in the end.  If family is really what makes us happiest, could someone really believe that God would take that away from them as long as they themselves are faithful?  Complicated.  I'm just grateful that God can comprehend all things because I for sure can't. 

The Carters didn't come to church this week because Dale had to work.  We didn't even get to see them because it was raining all week and we usually teach them and talk to them outside..  Hope they're doing good and they don't ever forget what they felt in church that day.  Pray for all of everyone!!  

I'm excited about all of the things you said we're going to do when we get back, but it's not even making me trunky.  I've reach the point I thought I'd never come to - I wish I could stay out here longer.  Haha but I'm still excited to see you guys.  Pray for THREE!!  It's going to happen :)  

Love ya'll,

Elder Moore

 Lesly's baptism day!

 These are pictures of returned missionaries from Elder Moore's mission who met Charlotte at the St. George Temple Visitor Center and sent him the pictures.  She's a pretty adorable sister missionary!

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