Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

Dear familia,

I'm so happy that everything went well at the funeral!  That's so good to hear that it was a beautiful service.  I never doubted for a moment that it was going to be anything less that amazing.  Sorry you haven't received your call yet.  TRUST ME, I know how frustrating waiting for that can be!!  

Can you believe it?  It's MARCH!  I will have served TWO YEARS by Wednesday.  IT's amazing how long it's been but how short it's felt.  Yesterday, we had a wonderful experience in sacrament meeting.  I'll have to tell you a little bit of background info leading up to it though to let you feel how special it really was.

We've been visiting with Sister Carter and her daughter since my first transfer in Pearson and since the first time, they have wanted to come, but haven't been able to get to church because their house is in a little city about 30 minutes from the church and they don't drive.  The only other option that we have been able to think is her husband, Dale, but he's firmly devoted to the church they attend regularly.  We've been going out there and have started to get to know Dale a little bit better and it all led up to Saturday.  We asked him how he felt about coming up to Pearson on Sunday morning for church and he told us that he didn't really want to go, but then we asked him what about for Sister Carter and Marlena and he agreed to take them!!  

So anyway, we were sitting in church and service started and about a minute later, there Sister Carter and Marlena and her kids were!  It was SO good to see them in church.  Unfortunately, we had to leave the chapel to go and translate out in the foyer, but then during fast and testimony meeting Sister Carter got up and bore a powerful testimony.  Everyone in the church felt that!  She told the story about us going over there and then said, "Even though it's been hard and I haven't been able to come to church, I'm proud to say that I've made it.  I haven't been to church for ten years, but I still know that it is true!"  About a million people talked to her after and thanked her and welcomed her.  We couldn't have asked for anything more amazing to happen!  It seems like Dale is really starting to like us more and more.  I'm hoping he opens up and comes in next time they come to church.  

Lesly didn't make it to church this week because of a miscommunication.  (It amazes me that people used to get by without cell phones.)  She's still planning on being baptized this week though.  Friday, March 7, 2014 in Pearson.  Be there or be square :)  Seriously though, pray for her!!  We made her invitations at Walmart to hand out to her friends and family.  It's going to be an amazing service, I already can tell.  I had a dream last night that we filled up the chapel with people supporting her.  We'll hopefully be able to find a lot more people to teach through this service!  I'll let you know how it goes the following Monday.  

Sorry to say, but I don't think that Uncle Keith and Aunt Kathy could visit me...  They probably live in the Georgia Macon Mission boundaries though, don't they?  Augusta's in our mission.  Seems like a pretty area.  

Elder Dearing is still here.  He's training an Elder from Sacramento, CA named Elder Hillier.  He told me this week that before coming out, he had looked at my blog and read over some of my e-mails!  I guess you could say that's "pretty cool!"  Elder Munford moved up to Ridgeland, SC.  If you ever get to talk to Heather Ingram, tell him to treat that Elder extra special.  He's the funniest person once he opens up.  

I have been so blessed to be companions with Elder Allen.  He and I have been having a little bit of a struggle without a car since last Monday, but we'll be getting it back pretty soon hopefully!  According to the shop guy, we should have it by Wednesday assuming they don't find more problems!  

Elder Allen and I both bore our testimonies yesterday.  I was stressed because I didn't really know what to do because of the translation, so I just had to put it down and go into the chapel.  It was cool because then Judith Merrell told me that she got up and was prompted to bear her testimony in Spanish without me even saying anything, so that worked out perfectly!  I bore my testimony for the last time on my mission in fast and testimony meeting.  I didn't expect it, but I teared up a lot.  I haven't been so nervous in my life to bear a testimony.  

I know that the church is true.  More than anything, I'm grateful for the change that a mission has made in my own life, and I hope that I have inspired similar change in others.  I know that the restoration of the gospel came to us through the prophet Joseph Smith.  I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and knows us perfectly.  I know that his promises are always there for those that obey his commandments and strive to live the gospel.  It's true, what else do I need to say? 


Elder Moore
Lesly with Santa Claus

Giovanna, Lesly, and Natalia

Beautiful Sunset in Pearson, Georgia

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