Friday, March 28, 2014


Dulce Familia Mia,

I can't believe this is it!  I thought that the last couple weeks would have lasted forever..  I guess I can't say that this last one won't, but I doubt it will because it's looking like it'll be a pretty good one!!  I'll just start off by saying that we have dinner appointments every day of the week and the White family is having us over on Saturday so that I can burn an old suit we have in our apartment.  I've never really followed the tradition of burning a tie, shirt or pants, but everyone really wants me to burn a suit, so it's gonna happen ha.  We have been meeting a bunch of people as always and have a lot of appointments set up.  Unfortunately, we don't have anybody on date, but I'm not saying that it's not possible because God is still a God of miracles!  Anything could happen.  
We were able to teach a lady named Lorena again this week.  She told us that she'd read the whole Book of Mormon when she does get the time to sit down and read it.  It amazes me how people that read just understand things better.  It's not like I'm talking about people that can read either, I mean the people that choose to read.  Ha 

We have a couple of appointments set up this week with the Carters and the Herreras.  It just feels like there's so much more to be done than can be in a week.  I guess that's why the Lord sends more missionaries in to take over after we leave.  

We have been treated so well by the members here!  The McDowells took us out to pizza on Thursday and Brigham fed us a big plate of steak one day.  We ate at the Araujo's for Giovanna's birthday!  We have also been going to see Diana's friends with her.  It's been really fun and nice having people so willing to work with us.  I swear, any member of the church I've met in Pearson would do anything for the missionaries.  It's gonna be too bad to go back to normal life for that reason!  

Elder Allen and I want to make this the best week of our missions.  We'll be sure to do nothing less than the best so I have some awesome, fresh stories to tell you when I'm back there in COLORADO!  I love you SO MUCH!!!  Sorry, I don't really have a ton more to say for some reason, so I'll just end it with something intensely spiritual!  

I've told so many people this lately, but it's true!  If nothing else, I'm BEYOND grateful for the change that this mission has made on me!  I feel like this is who I am.  I love sharing the gospel and I want to keep the commandments.  Life isn't like what it was before.  I know that change came because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  The Lord knows exactly what I've needed to learn and I'm incredibly happy for every last thing - good and bad - that has happened on my mission.  I wouldn't even call the bad things bad because they always turn out good in the end anyway.  I love you for your love and support and prayers and I love the people I have been able to serve in Florida, South Carolina and Georgia!  The Book of Mormon is true.  It's undeniable evidence that the Restoration really did happen.  I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet.  God loves all of His children!!  He wants them to return to live with him!  We should always choose to give him the benefit of the doubt when we pass through trials.  He knows better.  I can finish my mission saying that it was better than I could have ever imagined.  3 missions, 3 years!!  

 Elder Moore
Some pictures from a great week:
 Me and my girl, Maria

 Elder Allen and Sister McGowan.  She told Elder Hillier to go away because he made her feel short haha

 Giovanna and Mariana Araujo

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