Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

Dear Familia mia,

Boston, MA, eh?  I have been thinking a lot about you two lately because of your call.  I got to watch part of it at Chad & Judith's on her phone over Facebook.  I'm SO happy for you!!  You know what it feels like now to open a mission call!!  We read the senior couple part of the white handbook today and it talks about how many of the Elders and Sisters in your mission look to you for a good example.  It also talks about how you should make as much an effort as possible to find, teach and baptize on top of your other responsibilities!  I hope you knock down prison walls with your faith like Alma and Amulek.
It's been a tough week because I got sick on Wednesday and it was pretty bad, but I haven't let it get us down too much.  We have several people that could still be baptized before the end of my mission.  We're just trying to keep working hard even though it's definitely the end for me.  It's weird because there's always a feeling of wanting to let up right before transfers end, but this one's obviously different.  I'm still convinced that these last two weeks can be the most fruitful of my whole mission.  I'm convinced that part of that will come from me teaching Elder Allen to work as hard as he can.  He's going to bless the lives of SO many people during the rest of his mission.  I've said it before and I'm gonna say it again.  I'm blessed to be his companion!  We're going to do all we can to baptize before the end.  Missionaries think in terms of months or transfers, so when I'm saying pray for three I mean three this transfer.  

We have been teaching Lesly's parents and sister for mostly just this week.  Lesly is still incredibly solid.  We asked her mom if she had read from the Book of Mormon and she said no, but then we asked Lesly and she just shook her head yes and told us that her cousin's been reading to her on the bus on the way to school.  SO cool.  She'd make a great little missionary someday.  

I don't know if you heard already, but I'm planning on spending Friday before General Conference with David Huckvale in Provo before going to the mission reunion.  I hope that you can meet President and Sister Barry.  You'd love them.  

I guess I'll be praying that Colorado doesn't get too much water this year haha.  That's a new one.  It seems to be either way too much or way too little.  

I can't believe this is the second to last e-mail I'll write you as a full time missionary.  It's a bittersweet feeling as I'm sure you know having so many kids serving before.  Miserable joy in the words of Charlotte's mom, right??  Love you!

Elder Moore

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