Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 30, 2013

Dear family,

I'll try to answer most of your questions this time because not a lot happened this week.  We mostly just worked with the Dominican family that is going through some struggles.  They came to Stake Conference this weekend!!  Stake Conference was really interesting...  Like the things that they talked about were great, but just a lot different than any other Stake conference I have ever been to.  It was so nice hearing the Barrys speak.  I'll tell you that yesterday we were talking to this lady and it just started POURING rain on us.  Yesterday was just really funny.  I had liver and onions for the first time in my life and hopefully the last!  Ah!!  It was awful.  It was great though because we wanted to serve someone and stopped by a member that just moved's house to see if Latinos lived there and there some people were!  We helped them move some stuff into their house and they made us lunch.  :)  Baleadas are these Honduran taco-type food that are made with really thick tortillas with red mashed beans, avocado, eggs, meat and this cream cheese type of sauce.  They are ridiculously delicious.  :)  

I'M GETTING TRANSFERRED TO BEAUFORT, SC!!  Meaning that I will most likely be a GA Macon missionary come July!  3 missions and 3 years.  2 missions on one plaque?  Haha.  I'm so excited to go up there.  I loved South Carolina the last time that I went up there.   My new companion's name is Elder Lundberg and I'll be meeting him tomorrow around 4:00.  I'll let you know more about him next week :). 

We have been getting fed a LOT.  No abnormal stomach problems.  I'm happy and everything is great.  Just pray that I don't get hit by an IBD train someday.  I wonder if I actually still have it or if I'm just in a really long remission right now.  It just feels miraculous.  It's like I never had anything.  

I'll let you know about the calling stuff when it comes closer.  I'd prefer to not Skype considering it is awkward and slow, but we can for a few minutes if it's what you want.  I'm excited to talk to you, Dad and Hannah :)  I love you all so much and I can't wait to tell you all about Beaufort!  


Elder Moore

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