Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013

Oid, naciones regocijad!
Spanish Warriors of Light :)

Prayers during general conference?

Ay, bendita comida! :)

Narsil - Flame of the west. Haven't been that excited since Lord of the Rings came out :)
Dear Family,

Lazaro came to 4 of the 5 sessions of general conference and was with us most of the weekend because he didn't want to go back to his house between the sessions.  He took the best notes and told us Friday his pant and shirt size (46 and XXL :)) and asked what he needed to do to prepare for his baptismal service!!  It's amazing how the Lord has prepared him to come straight into the church.  He already tells everyone that he's a member and that he'll be coming back every week for the rest of his life!  He's a good way into the Book of Mormon and reads it more often than us.  Haha like 30 pages a day!  He is amazing.  We are just trying to help him to see the importance of listening to the spirit to make sure that he knows what he is doing, but when it comes down to it, it feels like he is more on top of things than we are!!  I wish that you could meet him.  He is so funny and has so much faith.  He was impressed by the organization of the church and all of the talks.  Two more weeks and he'll be a member of the church :)  

I think that the part that touched me most of conference was when Elder Holland said that during hard times we should hold on to what we already know and WAIT for further light and knowledge.  I think that is some pretty sound advice.  Yesterday I was really upset for some reason and I just said a prayer and held on to the fact that it was just a mood that was going to pass and an hour or so later it went away :)  We talked to several people last night, including someone that Elder Johnson and McArthur and I taught named Mirta.  She was walking her dog and, again, we talked to her about the Book of Mormon.  I think she felt something different this time.  It's amazing that I remembered even after a whole year exactly who she was and the house she lives in.  It couldn't be chance.  She told me that it meant a lot to me that I knew her name even after that long.  I hope that she calls us, but if not we'll still love her just as much.  That's another thing that I loved about conference!!!  President Monson at the end and several other speakers talked about tolerating and always loving others regardless of whether or not they choose to listen to us.  Thank you for your wonderful example of that with the neighbors.  NO EFFORT IS WASTED :)

Several people came to general conference and we have been seeing a lot of people change lately.  I am feeling love for others more and more as I serve them and am always amazed that things always work out, as unlikely as it will seem.  I'm going to post some pictures to Facebook and maybe send some in an e-mail if I have time.  They should be up in the next few minutes / hour.  I love you so much!!  I'm so happy to be so blessed and have such a great family :)


Elder Moore
At the church writing their weekly emails and updating facebook.

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