Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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SUNDAY, APRIL 28, 2013

Spanish Conference

What an amazing group of missionaries.  They come from all over the Americas to serve in the FJM.  We try to meet with them every few months to train and lift each other.  Since President Barry and I don't speak a word of Spanish they have to resort to a training in English.  They once in a while break into Spanish.  They love reading the scriptures in Spanish - in fact some of them can't read them in English but the spirit is always present.  President Barry trained them on Identity - We are all children of God and Disciples of Jesus Christ - who they are and why they are here.  Then they teach each other on subjects such as 1) Doctrines relating to and promises to the Lamanites, 2) The difference between Scriptural language and Spanish.  3) Clues around homes to identify if Spanish live there. 4) Differences in Spanish cultures according to country 5) obedience 6) Facebook Spanish work. 7) Marriage laws of different states in the mission etc.   
They did amazing trainings. 
This group also decided call themselves the "Sons of Thunder". They set goals, made plans and decided how to hold themselves accountable for those goals.  They left this training very motivated to go out and "make it happen."  We love these elders.

Standing Left:  Elder Giraldo, Elder Richmond, Elder Moore, Elder Swim, Elder Nelson, Elder Garnica, Elder Medrano, Elder Evans, Elder Eklof, Elder Phelps, Elder Saynes, Elder Lemmon, Sister Barry, President Barry
Kneeling:  Elder Quintano, Elder Warren, Elder Beazer, Elder Vilorio, Elder Pyne, Elder Hernandez, Elder Lee

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