Monday, June 3, 2013

June 3, 2013


It's been a great week!  In the past couple of weeks I have been able to interview two people for baptism and it's an amazing experience!  Our district is doing amazing and it feels like we have been coming together a lot more lately.  I felt like the spirit was very strong in district meeting for the first time when I was up there helping everyone to get excited for the month of June.  I have been learning something I hadn't really realized before lately though.  As amazing as baptisms are, I honestly don't feel like they are anywhere near the most important measure of how successful a missionary is.  I made a prediction when I came back out that things wouldn't be like they were before where I would teach a million pointless lessons a week, but rather have more meaningful numbers and it has made a great difference.  It's been amazing how much the Lord has blessed Elder Lundberg and I.  

I thought for sure that I would have been called to train this transfer along with the rest of the Spanish Elders, but I wasn't so it's looking more and more like Elder Lundberg and I will be here together for another transfer.  I'll know by the next time I write you, I guess...  

We have been teaching a lot of elect recruits over at Parris Island and helping them to understand what it truly means to repent.  The Zone Leaders came up to interview Sister Hernandez for her baptism on Sunday and she is SO excited.  Church for them is really the most free time that they get all week, so they are just happy to have normal people to talk to.  They are always asking us to bring them cookies and brownies or protein bars or some sort of food because they are just used to the stuff that the government feeds them every day.  Haha One of their moms might be sending us something to take in to them on Sunday and we can keep whatever they don't get!  Recruit Thompson received the priesthood yesterday and will be exercising it next week at sacrament meeting :) passing the sacrament!!

It's been an amazing couple of weeks.  The faith of the Savannah GA Zone is incredibly high because we are going to make June the best month of President Barry's mission before heading out into a new mission.  I can't lie, I would be a little bit sad if I was put back into the FJM.  Transfers are next Wednesday though, so I'll know by Monday night.  My prediction is that Charlotte gets called to the Macon mission and then somehow I'm put back into the FJM.  Haha 

I'll definitely try out the diet changes.  I have been doing pretty good, but it's nice to see a list of the things that I should be shopping for.  It makes shopping somewhat easier.  We're going on a horse-drawn carriage tour of Beaufort with some members at 1:00 today!  I'll try to get some good pictures to send to you.  

I love you a lot!!  I'm glad that you had so much fun in Italy.  It's amazing that you're already done, but I'm glad that you were saying it felt like you were gone for a long time to you a few weeks ago.  I'm feeling a lot better.  Keep praying for me though because that can change at any given moment :)  


Elder Moore

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