Friday, December 20, 2013

December 16, 2013

Merry Christmas, ya'll!

I'm thankful to have such wonderful people to write!  This week we had a Christmas Conference and Interviews and President Cottle asked me who I write on P Days to make sure that I'm still loved and I don't ever feel any amount of doubt about knowing that's the truth :)  I love you all so much!  It sounds like Hannah is doing amazing down in Brazil!  I'm so proud to have such a dedicated Sister and that she's not "that guy" that messes it up for everyone.  ha  That's the way she put it last week at least.  
I agree with you, Mom, about the gifts that we each have.  I think that you were exactly right.  Something I have been realizing is that I feel like I have that same thing that you were saying about Hannah especially though.  Believe it or not, I have a pretty active conscience.  The gift of tongues is the only explanation for being able to learn a language as fast as missionaries do.  It's inspiring.  

This week we worked a bit more with Adrian.  He told us that he'd start reading the Book of Mormon, but he has a hard time seeing the letters so we ordered him one of those GIANT triple combinations.  Haha hopefully the pages aren't too heavy to turn.  He didn't come to church this week, which was a little bit frustrating, but we think it was probably because the member that gave him a ride last week didn't come either.  We hope to see some more miracles with him this week.  

I don't remember if I told you about Elizabeth last week.  When we taught her, I was thinking that she was the head of the house, but we met her mom and dad this week and got to teach them all the restoration.  We've been teaching using pictures and pamphlets a lot lately at the request of President Cottle, and it's been cool to see how people are completely able to teach themselves the message of the restoration if we just ask the right questions.  They didn't receive the message as well as Elizabeth did, but we're going to get Elizabeth to be the pioneer in the family or something.  The mom told us that she would join another church if the Lord showed her where to go.  So there's a lot of hope there :)  

There aren't many people in Pearson, but the Lord has been providing us with things to do and people to teach.  It's been different than any other place I've served by a long shot.  It's always nice that no matter where I serve though, there are always loving members of the church.  This week we're having the Ward Christmas party and I'm going to be playing the piano.  We made up an arrangement of Silent Night that we sang as a district/part of the zone for the Zone Conference and the four Elders in Pearson will be performing it on Wednesday!  

I got the Christmas package you sent me and looked up a lot of the scriptures.  I think gummy worms are in one of them, but I couldn't tell with the others..  I put all the presents under our little tree :}  I'm even more excited for the day to come :)  I'll let you know next week, I guess, what time I'll be available to talk.  I don't really know whether I should make it close to 11:00 or a few hours later because of Hannah, but it'll work out.  Ha I wish I could just call you to set it up, but President Cottle told us that we could only call on Christmas Day.  Let me know what you want by next Monday and I'll make it work!  

I love you!!!  Have an awesome week :) 

El Hijo Mejor, 

Elder Moore

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