Sunday, December 8, 2013

December 2, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving, ya'll!

 I'm down in Pearson, GA. It's at the very south end of the mission on the east side. It's 3 hours from Beaufort and actually seems like it's pretty close to Jacksonville. There's an area in the Jacksonville Mission called Waycross that's only 30 minutes from us. It's a lot smaller than Beaufort, but there are a LOT more Hispanics. There are probably around 1000 or 2000 people in the whole city and it seems like probably about half of them are Hispanic.

There are a couple of Spanish-speaking families that we got to meet this week and this guy named Jose that has just recently started coming back to church. We're teaching a family named the Ayalas and their daughter came to a volleyball activity we had in the church on Wednesday night. We got the whole family to kneel down and the dad prayed. It was really cool. We haven't been able to teach them since that day though because every time we go over they give us food and then we have to leave... Frustrating, right? Haha I'm not complaining about being fed though! We're also teaching a lady named Eufrecina. She understands everything that we read with her out of the Book of Mormon! She wanted to come to church but had to work and even told us that she wants to be baptized after she learns more. Her husband wasn't incredibly supportive, but we'll have him converted soon anyway :)

My companion's name is Elder Allen from Kaysville, UT. He's like the polar opposite of Elder Wright, but we still get along great! We found out that we have a lot of the same interests and I'm really doing everything I can to help him to feel hopeful and optimistic about the area. I honestly have never served in an area like this before, so it's going to be a lot different than any transfer ever, but I felt the same way about Beaufort when I got there and now it's one of my favorite places in the world!

 We have to be more creative down here about how to find because pretty much every Hispanic in the town of Pearson was at least talked to last transfer by the other Elders. It's Elder Allen's second transfer, so I'll be finishing up the 12 week training program with him, so he's like an adoptive son. Haha he's a lot of fun and always has something to say. Adjusting to new areas is always weird, but I'm sure I'll be used to this in a few weeks. The accent down here is THICK! Our address is: 336 Pearson St. Pearson, GA 31642

One more thing!! I'm so sad to say it and I'm going to try to get it out, but that shirt you sent me that fit so perfectly and was so beautiful and wonderful was ruined! I used my PEN to scratch my back, thinking it was closed, and it wasn't!!!! So I have big toddler pen marks all over the back of that shirt now. I could wear it as long as I have a suit jacket on. Or a sweater. Is there some way to get pen out of a white shirt? :(

 I love you a lot! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! That's awesome that Madison still has the missionary spirit and pass along cards :)

 Love you, Elder Moore

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