Sunday, December 15, 2013

December 9, 2013

Isn't it wonderful?  We were talking about how much we love Christmas and everybody keeps talking about how it's "coming soon," but isn't the best part just the spirit of the whole season?  Everybody seems happier and nicer and more thoughtful.  I've been thinking about ways that I can bless the Elders in our district a lot more because everyone else just seems to be more thoughtful probably because of this time of year.  Thanks so much for sending those things to give to our investigators!  We'll be making the cookies probably sometime next week and delivering them caroling.  It's so amazing how powerful that was the first time we did it.  Everyone loved the treats and singing!  Do you remember me telling you that it made one of the members cry it meant so much to her??  Whoever came up with that idea was a genius.  And I figured it wasn't you saying stuff about Texas in the letter :)
It was a great week!  We had a wonderful miracle happen on Friday.  A man named Adrian was walking by the library as we were coming up and HE APPROACHED US to tell us that he wanted to come to church, but the missionaries had never called him back, so we invited him and he came yesterday!  He told us all about how much he loved every minute of it and told a bunch of the members that he'll be coming back.  He's a cool guy though..  He works in a blueberry packaging company, but on top of that he's also a CLOWN!  (payaso)  So, you can only guess that he's pretty out there haha.

We made some snowflakes and set up a Christmas tree and lights and we even have Christmas scented candles.  Living in that house makes us all feel right at home.  It's been a lot of fun listening to Christmas music, too!  

I have been having a lot of awesome experiences lately while studying and also looking over my journals from past experiences I've had on my mission.  I'm so grateful for this.  It's hard, but so worth it!  It's good to hear that things are going good for Jordan so far!   

I love you!  Have a Merry Christmas season!  It's only the beginning of another great year though, right?  That Christmas devotional was awesome!  Elder Nelson's reaction to the video of the children singing I am a Child of God reminded me of Dad watching uplifting Youtube videos.  Ha he was SO happy and excited about it.  I'm jealous that you're over there in cold weather kind of.  It means you get to bundle up.  I was thinking though about how crazy it would be if you got the same amount of snow this year as you got rain!  Let's pray it's not that much though haha


Elder Moore

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