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November 25, 2013

Beaufort District
Elder Bingham holding Fried Chicken and Cheddar Bay Biscuits that they made
More Beaufort District
Elder Moore and Elder McCullough on morning walk to the bridge
Elder Moore with Brother Clark and Brother Mock
Happy Birthday to Elder Moore, 11/20/13
With Elder Moyo
The Easthams
With the Assistants and Group Leader at Parris Island
Querida familia,

 MAN! I just found out last night that I'm going to be transferred and finish up another Elder's training. I'm not sure what his name is, but I'm speculating that I'll be down in Southern Georgia, kind of near Tallahassee. At least it's part of the Tifton, GA Zone. I'll let you know more about that next week when I'm away from Beaufort :(

It's been an amazing time spent here in Beaufort. I got to get up and bear my testimony in front of the ward yesterday and I realized that I feel completely at home in this ward. I feel like I know everybody in the ward and love them all so much! It's going to be hard leaving and going to a new area, but I'm completely sure that the Lord has prepared people wherever I am sent that need me at this part of my mission.

We are still working with Nate Welch and he's still reading the Book of Mormon. We set up a lesson with them tonight at 8:00 so that we can set him up for a date. He'll be baptized! I know it! I expect to see great things when we come back to visit from everything that's happened in these past months.

We have been working as a mission to contact at least 10 people a day, per missionary, so hearing from Hannah that she is contacting 60 a day is absolutely making me feel like we're not doing anything! We'd have all of Beaufort down in like a month if we were talking to that many people! Did you know that Elder Ballard promised all missionaries that if we would talk to at least 10 people a day that we would baptize twice as many people on our missions as we otherwise would have?

We have been having an awesome time contacting a lot more people than usual lately. We went to the Flea Market on Saturday and met a Salvadorian cowboy ha and also this lady that gives out cookies to homeless people. We were able to get a couple of phone numbers, but everyone forgot their home addresses haha. We also got free sodas at this place for contacting a bartender haha. I got to go on a trade-off with two different Elders this week. We talked to a lot of new people this week, but really didn't have a ton of success teaching lessons with people that we already know. Things usually pick back up though. No worries!
 I'm excited to hear how Elder Wright is with his next companion.

Thank you sooo much for the birthday package! I love the tie and the shirt especially. I wore them both today! Thanks for getting me that CD too. It really does bring back good memories :) Charlotte also sent me a care package and I got a card from her family as well!! That was awesome! I feel blessed and very loved. I'm happy that this week is Thanksgiving. Everyone, including President Cottle, has been focusing on gratitude! Best holiday ever :) I'm especially grateful to be serving a mission for the Lord and to have such a wonderful family! I love you so much and hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!

Oh yeah, and by the way this is the last day I'll be on Facebook. I'll be just a normal missionary again starting tomorrow when I'm put with my new companion.

Con mucho amor y besitos,
Elder Moore

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